Re-authorize + Order Editor + Invoice + Grid Manager


Quick Overview

Quickly edit ANY order information , without creating a duplicate order. It solves many problems edit order processing,permissions editing,re-authorization,invoice,custom invoice status, add N number of invoice status etc.

Magento Editions Compatibility
Magento CE: 1.3, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.X
Magento Enterprise: 1.8.x - 1.14.x
  • Very Easy 2-minute installation
  • Free Life time extension updates
  • Free support
  • 100% open source
  • Please check out the Demo
magento customization Re-authorize + Order Editor + Invoice + Grid  Manager

Why Order editor ?

Quickly edit ANY order information , without creating a duplicate order. It solves many problems edit order processing,permissions editing,re-authorization,invoice,custom invoice status, add N number of invoice status etc.
With this extension you can quickly edit billing,shipping,custom shipping methods,item price,item quantity,edit Product Tax, add/edit/delete/undo products etc. and save.Very Easy very fast.

Edit Order without Duplicate Orders on Edit
******Grid Manager - Free*****
Grid Manager
Free Grid Mnager with the Order Editor Extension!!

On customers high demand now extension is compatible with custom options and all type of products, admin now can update the options and compatible with all type of products.
In comparison to other extension, while editing, this extension keeps all the payment transaction save and safe - without touched. This process of editing, edit the order in proper way and helps to re-authorize the order and charge the customer automatically(when admin wants) directly from the admin. Currently re-authorization works only payment method. Other payment method will be done soon..
Solve the issue of duplicate orders upon editing, reducing issues between Magento, Edit Order processing,Product Tax,Permissions basis editing,Re-Authorization,Invoice, CSRs, fulfillment systems, credit card processing and accounting.

Coming Soon!!

Auto Re-authorization with PayPal Payment Admin can charge directly from admin just after edit the order.

******Can Update Options*****
On Demands these features are now implemented
  • *Admin can add/edit/delete product custom options.
  • * Admin can add/edit/delete configurable product options.
  • * Admin can add/edit/delete grouped product options.
  • * Compatible wit all type products
  • * Admin can set product custom price for the product.
******Discount Availability*****
  • * Admin can add discount.
  • * Admin can update discount.
  • * Admin can delete discount
  • * Admin can use the discount code to set the discount.
  • * Admin can check/uncheck to apply discount for particular product.
  • * In other way to set the discount, Admin can set the custom discount amount.
******Manage Inventory*****
  • * If admin wants to add the product depends on the inventory then is manage.
  • * While adding the product it will work as per the inventory.
******Tax Manager*****
Now the extension 2 ways to manage the tax, highly customizable.
  • * Admin can change the address and as per the address,products the Tax will calculated automatically
  • * In Another way of editing, admin can set custom amount of Tax.
******All Payment Method Transaction Remain Safe*****
Another good point is, all transaction for payment remain save while editing the order.
  • * All transaction of AlL Payment methods remain save-safe(without unchanged)
  • * With the payment method it will re-authorize amount.
  • * Auto re-authorization with other payment methods will coming soon....
******Re-Authorization Features*****
Re-Authorization is available with "" payment gateway.
  • ******Re-Authorization(Without PCI Complaint - FREE)*****
  • * Support Re-Authorization.
  • * Well tested re-authorization.
  • * As updated amount re-authorized, a email send by payment gateway.
  • * New Processed amount updated in the Payment Information.
  • * Simply Enable/Disable Re-Authorization from admin.
  • ******Re-Authorization(With PCI Complaint)*****
  • * Support Re-Authorization.
  • * Well tested re-authorization.
  • * As updated amount re-authorized, a email send by payment gateway.
  • * New Processed amount updated in the Payment Information.
  • * Re-authorization is done using customer details(CIM Profile) on server(Fully PCI complaint).
  • * Detail
  • * Will allow to refund directly from admin.
  • * Customer can add many credit card from his account and detail will save on server(Fully PCI complaint).
  • * Customer can select his already added card (no need to enter detail again) the card int he payment method step.
  • * Simply Enable/Disable Re-Authorization from admin.
******Order Status*****
  • Select which status you want to edit
  • Enable/Disable to add more allowed Order Status
******Invoice Features*****
  • ******Add - update Invoice*****
  • * Add N number of Custom Invoice Status in admin .
  • * Update Invoice Status just in one click.
******Permission basis Feature*****
  • * Main admin and allowed/permitted customer can only update particular part of order.
  • * Main admin and allowed/permitted customer can only update order status.
  • * Main admin and allowed/permitted customer can only update customer information.
  • * Main admin and allowed/permitted customer can only update billing information.
  • * Main admin and allowed/permitted customer can only update shipping information.
  • * Main admin and allowed/permitted customer can only add/update shipping price.
  • * Main admin and allowed/permitted customer can only add/update products.
******Product Shipping Feature*****
  • * Add more products
  • * Update products
  • * Remove products
  • * Undo products befor save
  • * Update Shipping Price
  • * Update Shipping Label
  • * Update Product Tax
******Great Features just in one click!!******
  • Allows for editing Shipping information just in click.
  • Allows for editing Billing information just in click.
  • Allows for update order status just in a click.
  • Allows for editing Customer Name for registered user just in one click.
  • Allows for editing Customer email just in one click.
  • Show customer Id in order custom panel.
  • Very fast saving , use magento practice.
  • Update Custom Order name just in one click.
  • Update Custom shipping price just in one click.
  • Update Product price.
  • Update Product quantity.
  • Update Product discount.
  • Add New Product.
  • Remove added Product.
  • Add/Remove/update many products in one shot.
  • All these features is without creating duplicate order.
  • Compatible with Enterprise Edition
Your customers made mistake ?
Your customer made mistake while checkout, you can now edit information just in one click.
Your customers are not patient?
Customers changed mind ? now they want to get the delivery on another address. Here you can go, justo go to that particular order and change shipping information without creating duplicate order.
Does your customers Call you for more products?
Here you can go, just go to the order and add more products.
******Proved Increase Sales!!******
It has been proved now, order editor increase sales just in one click.

******Well Tested******
Our module has been fully tested with above Compatible versions. Because of the unobtrusive architecture of Order Editor, you will find compatibly with the Magento.

******New Feature Coming Soon!!******
  • * Quick update customer using twitter.
  • * Set custom default message from admin to update your valuable customer.
  • * It saves time, customer can see his order updates faster.
******Compatible Magento Editions******
  • Compatible with Magento Community Edition
  • Compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Compatible with Magento Professional Edition
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  1. Perfect!
    Reviewed by Slarty_B | 12/20/2013

    Does exactly what is says on the tin! - works perfectly and saves us a ton of time with our complicated customer requirements

  2. Mr
    Reviewed by David Garray | 12/8/2013

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Support guys are fantastic. Highly recommend ;-)

  3. Very Happy!!
    Reviewed by Daniel | 4/30/2013


    I bought 2 extension, this and the CIM extension. Both works awesome.

    Order Editor works great with all the features. In addition the another good thing with this Order Editor is, it has many quick editing features that do not provided by any other providers. I can easily edit the order fully and quick edit feature also helped alot.
    I can quick update order status at any stage that is too good.

    Using the CIM extension I can re-authorize the new amount directly from admin.

    Partial and multi invoice works well.

    Many times our store require editing order and charge customer for the new amount and this extension helped me to charge customer for the new updated order amount. It is absolutely great feature I must say. Thank you so much.

    Highly recommended!!.

  4. Awesome!
    Reviewed by Alena | 4/25/2013

    This is an excellent extension, works like a charm. Very easy to use and helpful.
    I highly recommend this extension to other store owners.

  5. Perfect!
    Reviewed by suhuk | 3/23/2013

    I am a developer from 15 years. I was looking for the extension that has good features, after devoting long time and testing, now I found, it is really really very good extension.Mainly I like some features that I could not others extension.

    1)Re-authorize with magento standard functionality for all payment methods in addition customized payment.Re-uth can be enable/disable
    2)Quick order editing plus detail order editing helps alot.
    3)Can easily calculate proper tax, awesome!
    4)Editing of custom(name and price) methods plus magento available shipping method
    5)Change order status at any stage
    6)Many Invoice status is available
    7)Grid manager is very user friendly

    SO in short, it does exactly what I want 100% !! and does not provides others.

  6. Awesome! Exactly What I needed!
    Reviewed by PHCHSoap | 3/23/2013

    This extension is so powerful. It expands the order grid and allows for greater control over the order editing process that is a must for most any eCommerce site.

    I purchased a few months ago and noticed a few upgrades to the extension. With a single email, I was given the upgrades and full support to boot. Support on this extension is perfect and timely.

  7. Heads Up
    Reviewed by jos_hua | 3/15/2013

    The extension saved me. I am very thankful these guys who are maintaining this extension.
    This extension works like a charm, and works exactly I was looking for.

    Update Order status on any stage order helped me alot.
    I can create many status for invoice directly from admin.


    Not only this, these developer are really excellent, as per our request they did customization for us.
    I will use them again in future.

  8. Excellient !! Excellient !!
    Reviewed by trsmith | 2/19/2013

    This extension works excellent. We are using this extension from last 1 month and it works perfect.

    Another good thing I liked is, I had couple of more requirements and the support team helped me alot with the customizations.

    This is perfect extension!! and support is highly appreciated.

  9. eshart
    Reviewed by Very Good | 12/10/2012

    The extension works excellent. The number of great features helped me a lot. I could not found any extension works for re-authorization but this extension saved me.
    Quick editing of information, order status,items etc. seems very good features.

    The support guys response is also very prompt.

    I would 100% recommend it.Excellent work.

  10. A++
    Reviewed by askraba1980 | 10/22/2012

    Great Extension, very fast support. Works perfectly for me. Have the 1.4.2 Version. Thank you from Germany

  11. Superb
    Reviewed by defoo | 10/20/2012

    Super Great Extension! What are you waiting for guys?! You must have this extension! And the customer service is the best in my life! I give this company A+++!

  12. Good One
    Reviewed by yamt | 9/11/2012

    The extension works excellent for me, I am using the extension on 1.7 version.Easy to install and works right way.Good One.

  13. Absolutely great !!
    Reviewed by oramn | 9/2/2012

    If you are looking for editing the order then this extension is right to use.

    Also it seems 'Alexanderrovsak' is trying to promote and setting up here business by positing other developer link where many valuable customers land everyday to use this extension. I see he has posted this link on many other good developers extension .
    No doubt, this 'Order Editor' extension is unique and the best.

    For me also the extension works good, easy to use very friendly.

    Not only the items edit works good but also if I want to update only the billing/shipping details then one click is very helpful.

    Absolutely great !!.

  14. Awesome
    Reviewed by Loposer | 9/1/2012

    Awesome, as per the feature, it is feature full ad-don and works like a charm, easy to use and very friendly.
    It also very easy to install and setup. support guys helped me a lot for having questions and responded all my question .
    Great support.

    I Highly recommend this.

  15. Granc
    Reviewed by Overall 10/10 | 7/19/2012

    The extension works like a charm,very easy to use and works good.
    The support guys are also very helpful and respond quickly.
    Overall 10/10

  16. Highly recommend!!
    Reviewed by grancym | 6/26/2012

    As the guys committed the extension works excellent.Now we can easily update the order, support guys was also helpful and respond quickly.
    Highly recommend!! .

  17. Beautiful
    Reviewed by tipster | 6/20/2012

    Beautiful, the extension works like a charm.Support guys are really excellent they response like a rocket and help me a lot.
    Truly the extension is superb and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  18. Best Magento Order Editor
    Reviewed by Ahmad_Khalil | 6/12/2012

    This extension works great , it saved my time, I was able to edit and change shipping information so easy and edit products, add new product, add custom product price this is really the best magento order manager in the market

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