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Authorize CIM, Reauthorization for magento 2

With Authorize.Net CIM (Customer Information Manager) payment method extension, you can accept payment from your customers, by credit card, directly through your website without any additional service layer or directional routing in the process.

This gets the entire payment processing experience to a whole new level by allowing users to store their payment info on Authorize.Net's secure servers. This adds to the convenience and reduces the time on payment page, which assures you of faster turnaround and more conversions.

  • Do payments by credit cards
  • Partially create order invoices and issue refunds
  • Reauthorize the order multiple times
  • Manage and update payment data
  • Edit orders without CC information
  • Transactions : Authorize Or Capture, Authorize & Capture, Split Invoice
  • Send shipping details to Authorize.Net
  • Capture funds even after authorization is expired
  • Save and reuse cards or tokens
  • Validate user address through AVS
  • Fraud protection through AFDS
  • Refunds : Void, Online/Offline Refunds, Partial Refunds
FREE lifetime support
FREE lifetime updates
60 days money back guarantee
Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
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Why Authorize CIM ? CIM will provide Magento 'token' access to allow future transactions without the merchant storing any sensitive credit card data on their servers. Magento merchants who offer Authorize.Net as a payment gateway are allowing their customers to create customer accounts within Magento to facilitate a quicker checkout. The Authorize.Net CIM extension is a custom eCommerce payment solution to allow for stored billing data within the payment gateway rather than within the Magento platform.

Using this extension, on customer call or request admin has an additional facility to create quick order in admin panel.Admin can either select already saved card or have an option to save new card to place order.This way you can increase sales and turn your onetime customer in returning and loyal customer.

When you will check you will see the drop-down to select the card. The same Admin can also see while creating the order. Also under my account "My Profile will list all the added cards" and "Add Card" will allow you to add the card.

******Available Transactions:*****
  • * Authorize Only (will 'Capture' upon 'invoice').
  • * Authorize/Capture.
  • * Capture Only.
  • * Void.
  • * Refunds Online.
  • * Partial Refunds Online.
  • * Credit Memo Online(Directly from Admin).
  • * Split Invoice (Create Multiple Invoice)
  • * Admin can select customer CC(XXXX) from dropdown and can place order.
  • Customer can save their card while checkout
  • Customer can save their card under their account
  • Returning customer can pay by selecting their card from dropdown
  • A customer profile will be created on server
  • Created profile is secure
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • Checkout via entering card is secure and PCI compliant
  • Checkout via selecting card is secure and PCI compliant
  • Use token system for checkout
******Customer calls you to place order ?:*****
  • Admin create a order in admin > select the saved card under payment information and submit
  • Admin still have the ability to enter new card while create new order
  • Admin have the option to save the new card while create new order
  • Admin can save new card details for the customer under Manage customers
  • This process help alot admin to create order on customer call and time saver
  • Support Re-Authorization after Edit
  • As updated amount re-authorized, a email send by payment gateway.
  • New Processed amount updated in history
******PCI Compliant/Token System(Secure):*****
  • Auto Generation of transaction and it number and can be check in separate transaction list
  • Secure customer Credit Card payment as PCI Compliant
  • Use token system to reduce the risk.

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