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5 Simple Steps to Promote PWA on Linkedin

How to promote PWA on LinkedIn? Continue reading the article to discover the steps.

Progressive web apps are easy to develop and publish. Also, It doesn’t require much time and effort from developers. PWA technology helps to create appealing and responsive web apps which can run on web browsers.

For business owners, native apps are a secure option to create a mobile presence. However, they are some limitations to optimizing native apps for users. It will be visible only when you search them on stores or accessible after installing from the app stores.

🔥, Unlike native apps, PWA can help you make your brand more visible. Developing a PWA is itself a marketing strategy for small businesses. It can increase brand awareness and bring more visitors to the site. This hybrid mobile and web application can promote your brand on LinkedIn.

Before, I discussed the top marketing strategies to promote on Google. Today, this article will share the five simple steps for promoting PWA on LinkedIn.

Steps to Promote PWA on LinkedIn

  • Step 1: Set up Your Campaign Manager

    The first step is to create a campaign manager account for your business. You can access your LinkedIn profile by clicking the icon Work. Click on the marketing solution.

    Once you have clicked on the marketing solutions, it will take you to the LinkedIn advertising page. Simply, click on the ‘Create Ad’ and redirect to a new window. Then, create an account by entering your name and currency. It will ask for the URL/existing name of a LinkedIn page. If you do not have a LinkedIn page, click on the Create a new LinkedIn page.

    After entering the details, click on the Save button.

    The next step is to add billing details. While launching a campaign, you need to include a payment method. You should also plan a budget for your campaigns. So, you can set the budget according to your capacity. When your campaign launch, people will ‌click on your ad. LinkedIn will charge for every click without exceeding the set budget limit.

  • Step 2: Install the Insight Tag

    PWAs can be promoted by linking the campaign ad manager with progressive apps. The insight tag will connect the campaign manager to the PWA. By installing the insight tag, you can monitor the performance and engagement of your users.

    Otherwise, you cannot track the conversions, such as ebook downloading, event registrations, or form submissions.

    To install the insight tag, you must include a piece of code on the PWA website. To find the code, follow the steps:

    Go to the Account assets > click on insight tag > Install my insight tag.

    It will take you to the next window that offers several options to tell you how to implement the code. Get in touch with our team of PWA developers if you need help implementing the code.

  • Step 3: Select the Objective

    Now, ‌choose the objective of creating a campaign for your progressive web app. For instance, you want to enhance brand awareness and attract new customers to buy your products. So, it is crucial to think about the right objective of your LinkedIn campaign. Unfortunately, you cannot go back and change the goal.

    Here is the list of objective that best fits your goals below:

    • Brand awareness: Do you want more people to learn about your product or service? It is the best objective to create more ad impressions.
    • Website Visits: if you want more visitors to your PWA, choose this objective. This campaign will be visible to those most likely to click on your ad.
    • Engagement: if gaining more impressions on your post is the objective, select this objective. It will also add a follow button.
    • Video Views: If you want more subscribers and views on your videos, this objective will help to achieve.
    • Lead Generation: You can use Lead Gen Forms to get more users. These forms will autofill the data by extractive from the users’ profiles. To know more about lead Gen forms, click here.
    • Website conversions: This objective is to make people act on your PWA. However, ‌configure conversions before launching the campaigns.
    • Job applicants: Do you want to hire people for your company? It helps you to promote job opportunities and attract people who are most likely to click on job ads.
  • Step 4:Define your audience

    You need to figure out the target audience. For instance, who do you want to appeal to? What should people expect from your campaign?

    Here are the criteria for selecting your audience:

    • A company’s growth rate, category, name, and industry are just a few attributes to select.
    • Does your app appeal to a particular gender or age group?
    • Do you want to attract professionals with a certain degree? Use the education criteria.
    • Target people with Job Seniority, Job Function, Job Titles, Member Skills, or Years of Experience.
    • Do you want to reach out to people who are members of specific LinkedIn groups or have interests?

    Before posting your ad, test it out with different formats. Later you cannot change them afterward. Also, there are so many options that you may not know what works best until you test it.

  • Step 5:Launch your LinkedIn Campaign

    Everything is decided, right? Target audience, campaign budget, and your objective. Design your LinkedIn advertisement with your creativity. After all the preparations, it is time to launch your campaign.

End Note

Progressive web apps are the best tools to establish your mobile presence. The URLs of PWA are linkable and shareable. Your audience can access them directly without installing them from the app stores. You can create a progressive web app in minutes and start promoting PWA on LinkedIn the same day. So what are you waiting for?

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