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A Detailed Guide of React PWA

New web technologies have emerged to develop eCommerce websites. To meet the demands of customers, web technology is constantly being upgraded. Brands can win the app market using PWA app technology. It eliminates the necessity of publishing apps to stores (Google Play or Apple Store).

Progressive web apps are constantly growing with new features and changing the game for native apps. Besides, they are several powerful PWA frameworks available to create web apps. React is the best framework for developing dynamic web applications that can run as a standalone.

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React PWA is still a new trend for developing eCommerce stores. If you do not know this technology, read this article and learn from a detailed guide on React PWA. So, let us jump right into it.

What is PWA?

A progressive web app is an upgraded version of a website. It works like a web application but offers the same functionality as a native app. Users will get the appealing look of a mobile app while browsing progressive applications. It can also be downloaded and installed like regular mobile apps. Also, smartphone users can access progressive web apps offline.

eCommerce stores can reach more customers through PWA apps, as their URLs are shareable, linkable, and discoverable.

Progressive web applications can constantly improve your brand awareness and user experience. The web application offers cross-browser compatibility, regardless of the operating system or device.

What is React?

Other features, such as push notifications, can be added to boost the power of PWA. The concept behind React is simple. ReactJS or React is an open-source JavaScript library launched by Facebook in 2013. Previously, react framework was used to build user interfaces for single-page applications.

Developers and businesses prefer this technique for creating highly appealing and responsive front-ends. It uses efficient and flexible UI components to create web apps with more complex features and interactive interfaces.

React framework is easier to use for developers. It can seamlessly merge with PWA to improve the functionality and appearance of a website. It reduces the risk of bugs in the web development process. With reusable UI components, developers find React more convenient to deliver the next-generation experience.

Why use React for PWA apps?

  • Effortless Development: Progressive web apps are more complicated to build than regular web applications. As a result, there will be more errors during the development process. React helps in reducing errors and bugs.
  • Easy to learn: Developers don’t have to write complicated codes to build PWA using ReactJs. So, it simplifies the job of the developers. As a result, the React Framework will reduce the cost of PWA development.
  • Improve Performance: React is one of the best frameworks for building web applications. It also assures better PWA performances because React builds responsive and interactive user interfaces.
  • Easy to Integrate: React can be integrated easily into other JavaScript libraries. It breaks all the limitations in the web development process.
  • Large Community: React has tremendous potential. So, you will get a vast community of developers to improve the PWA performance. Magento developers will ‌help you quickly if there is an error.
  • Enhance Brand Awareness: React improves the performance and user experience. Thus, it will increase conversion rates by attracting more customers. As a result, React PWA can build strong retention, boost sales, and gain higher ranks on search engines.

Three Effective React PWA Examples

    • BMW

      A popular car brand, BMW has relaunched its website to provide visitors with interactive designs. PWAs with React ‌provide customers with an engaging multimedia experience. A seductive front-end offers fast, smooth, and secure to entice new car buyers.

    • Starbucks

      Starbucks has built a PWA mobile app for customers who don’t want to download the app. It lets customers browse the menu and customize their orders easily. The best thing is that Starbucks’ web app is universally accessible, even with no internet connection.

      They have doubled the number of daily orders from PWA. Using React, web apps are getting more downloads and developing customer loyalty. Progressive apps are search engine indexable, making it easier for mobile web users to find them.

    • Twitter Lite

      Twitter has seen a recognizable growth after launching the PWA version. As per stats on Google Developers, Twitter. Lite has resulted in a:

      • 65% increase in pages per session.
      • 75% increase in Tweet sent.
      • 20% decrease in bounce rate.
      • Reduce data usage by up to 70%.

The Bottom Line

PWA React can create a revolution in the app market. In progressive apps, merchants and business owners can benefit from ReactJS’ outstanding capabilities. Only a few people are applying this technology in their business. It is time to replace your eCommerce stores with PWA to get potential customers. If you are looking for professional help, our team will help you create a PWA with React framework.

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