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The cms import export magento 2 extension allow you to import and export the cms pages from your magento 2 store to other magento 2 ecommerce store or other e-commerce store. Using the extension you can import or export the data in different file formats and synchronize the data with other different multiple third party platforms. Using the user friendly interface you can perform one-time or regular cms magento 2 export and import that fits to your ERP format. The quick preview screen will enable the admin to see the error logs and fix them on fly.

cms import export magento 2

With the magento 2 cms import extension, you are able to import all or the specified fields. It is now easy to find the required or selected fields in the available sample file that can be imported in the multiple custom batch size. Using the extension file settings you can set the file header, file format, Entity key delimiter. On the same magento 2 cms export extension will also allow you have the out settings, fields mappings and actions in separate interface.

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Cms Import-Export Features:

#Cms import features:


  • File Format : The cms import magento 2 extension will allow you to export the data in multiple file formats csvs, xml, ASCII, TXT.
  • Batch Size : Using the magento 2 cms import module, the store owner can set the custom batch size that will validate importing the cms page size.
  • Output Settings : In the output settings admin can set the file name, file extension, include header.
  • Fields Mapping : Extension fields mapping is way where admin can select the option to download the cms records with all the fields or with the selected fields only.
  • Import Filters : The cms import magento 2 module will allow to set multiple filters to perform the download.
  • Validation Strategy : The validation strategy is the key point for any extension that will keep continue or stop the import process. You can skip the error records from import and allow the validated data to import
  • Preset Templates : The magento 2 import cms extension creates multiple preset templates, using this you can run and download the imported files in future without even creating the profiles multiple time. 
  • Import History : The cms history section allow to log all the downloads performed by the admin.

#CMS Export features:

cms export list magento 2

  • File Format : The cms export extension, will allow you to download the cms pages file in multiple file formats csvs, xml, ASCII, TXT.
  • Batch Size : The batch size option will enable to export the cms pages in the requested batch size. The batch size is editable and can be customized per the requirement.
  • Preset Templates : The magento 2 export cms extension allow to create multiple preset templates that will allow the admin to re-use the order export templates to re-download the orders. 
  • Output Settings : The setting will allow you to export the cms pages in multiple formats with using of multiple filters.
  • Fields Mapping : The extension will allow the store owner to export the cms attributes with the selectable option where either you can download all the fields or map the specified fields or attributes. You can either add or remove the specified attributes in just a click or in bulk for the cms pages.
  • Auto Labeling : The extension will allow you auto label the attributes, you can set custom label per your choice.
  • Import Filters : Using the cms export filters,  store owner can set multiple filters.
  • Validation Strategy : The extension validation strategy, provide the option to validate or skip the invalidated records. The exported file will contain the error free data that you can further use in the other e-commerce store or in the magento itself.
  • Log History : The extension, log all the exported data in history from there the option will allow to re-run the profile to export the updated data you can re-download the exported files.

Benefits You Receive using magento 2 cms import export extension

  • Error free data using pre-created data templates and samples
  • The cms export and import auto validation process
  • Create n number of cms profiles and migrate the cms from magento 2 one instance to other
  • Flawless synchronize cms data with other third party systems
  • Perform one time cms import or export and rephrase them with other instance
  • Maintain log for magento 2 cms import and export with date-time
  • Strong tool with mapping fields both for cms import and export in magento 2 ecommerce
  • Easy and visceral interface
  • Track the errors while import and export the cms page in your magento 2 store
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