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Mobile Login OTP for magento 2

Magento 2 mobile login OTP extension facilitates customers to ensure registration, login, password reset, and mobile number updates with the OTP verification in Magento 2 website. The extension allows your business to store customer login instantly.

Login can be quickly performed with the help of the registered mobile number by sending the OTP (One Time Password) for ensuring login. Customers can verify the mobile number with the OTP during different operations like mobile login, registration, password forgetting, and so more.

  • Customer login with the OTP
  • Custom login with the password
  • Retrieve password with email
  • Registration and login with mobile number
  • Attractive, unique pop-up
  • User notification by email
  • Compatible with all SMS providers
  • Works with Testing SMS API
  • Retrieve password with mobile number
  • Creation of custom email template
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
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Feature Highlights

Business Value



The login security is always a question for any online account. It is estimated that an average user has around 90 online accounts on various digital platforms and service portals. Therefore, it is impossible to remember the passwords of all the accounts. If the users forget the password on the website, they will either go forward with creating a new account or addressing the support team for restoring the access. This makes the whole process of accessing a website a lot unlikely and difficult and leads to a bad user experience.



With the help of the Magento 2 Mobile Login OTP extension, the overall registration and login process becomes highly user-friendly. With the extension, you can allow users to quickly login with easy-to-remember login credentials –like the phone number. Additionally, there is also the provision of improved security layer by sending over the OTP (One Time Password). Other benefits that you get through the solution are increased number of store registrations, increased revenue through customer base expansion, and improved customer experience.

How It Works:

Once you have installed the extension, the admin simply needs to enter the SMS gateway API credentials like username, authentication key, URL. Based on the credentials the customer will receive the OTP on his registered phone no. By entering the received OTP on mobile number customer will verify the phone number on different forms.

Moreover, if the admin does not want to use the OTP screen validation, he can simply disable the OTP validation for a particular form like registration, login form, forget the password, etc. 


  • Ajax customer registration with the mobile number, username along secure OTP verification.
  • Ajax Customer log in with the OTP.
  • Ajax Customer log in with the Password along with the secure OTP verification. OTP verification can be enabled/disabled.
  • Ajax Customer Forget Password by Email Number.
  • Ajax Customer Forget Password by Mobile Number along with the secure OTP verification. After OTP verification, the customer can update the password.
  • Ajax unique and eye-catching pop-up.


OTP Verification Config Settings:

  • Admin can enable/disable the OTP verification for the Customer Registration form.
  • Admin can enable/disable the OTP verification for the customer Login form.
  • Admin can enable/disable the OTP verification for the customer "Forget Password" form.
  • Admin can enable/disable the OTP verification for the customer "Update Mobile" form.


Gateway API Settings:

  • Pre-compiled and compatible with the below API provider, additional custom providers can also be added.
  • Support MSg91, Text Local, Twilio, Fast 2 SMS, NexMo, Kaleyra, Trumpia, Africastalking, Unifonic, Enablex, Plivo, Gupshup, Springedge.
  •  Admin can enter an additional SMS gateway for free and the gateway response condition can be combined in the admin config settings.
  • Conditional based OTP response
  • Option for API testing from an admin before going live.


OTP Message Settings:

  • Custom OTP Message for the Login with Email/Username/Mobile.
  • Custom OTP Message for the Login with Registration.
  • Custom OTP Message for the Login with Forget Password.
  • Custom OTP Message for the Login with Update Mobile No.
  • Custom OTP Message for the Login with OTP.


Synchronize The Existing customers

Synchronize the mobile number for the existing customers so that old customer can also use the benefits of the Ajax mobile login extension.


Form Layout and Design

  • Custom Message for the Ajax popup Login Password Title.
  • Custom Message for the Ajax popup OTP Link Title.
  • Custom Message for the Ajax popup Forgets Password Title.
  • Custom Message for the Ajax popup Create Account Title.


Form Look and Feel With Custom Design

  • Config setting to Enable/Disable Show Image in the Ajax popup.
  • Ajax popup predefined images.
  • Custom Upload image.
  • Set Image position directly from the backend.
  • Admin can set Image height, width.
  • Admin can set button text color, button background color by color picker.
  • Admin can set Form top Border Color by color picker.
  • Admin can set Form bottom Border Color by color picker.
  • Admin can create an eye-catching design by color picker.


Log Manager:

  • The extension allows logging the operation customer perform. As the customer register, login, change password, enter OTP or do anything, the extension will log all the operations.
  • Admin can enable/disable this feature directly from the admin.


Checkout Mobile Authentication

2-Factor mobile authentication is compatible with the Magento checkout, customer can log in, register, update passwords, mobile login, email login directly from the checkout. The form is designed by following the Magento coding standards and component facility plus additional combining the Ajax feature which makes the extension flawlessly work great and speedy.


What Your Customers Will Like

  • Admin can easily reach the Customers as the Mobile number is recorded during the registration.
  • Admin can reach to his Customers on a special occasion like b'day etc. and for their Promotions and Offers as well through Phone Number.
  • Under the My Account section Customer can change the Mobile Number either by or without OTP verification

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