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Onestep Checkout for magento 2

Allow your customers to ensure faster and smarter checkout for accelerating the entire shopping experience and improving customer satisfaction.

Improve the conversion rates by around 40 per cent and minimize shopping cart abandonment in the store with One Step Checkout.

  • Presence of smart single page for completing all the checkout processes
  • Customer registration during checkout
  • Allowing customers to select delivery time and date
  • Option of extra fees available during checkout
  • Allowing you to compose a gift message for the particular order
  • Displaying static blocks as custom footer or header on the checkout page
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
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Feature Highlights

Business Value



Increased conversion rate always remains a major objective of any online business. It is observed that even the smallest improvements in the checkout processes –including the checkout abandonment rate can have a major impact on the overall cash flow. The Checkout page of any online store should be user-friendly as well as intuitive for minimizing friction during the entire checkout process.



The simplification of the checkout process along with increasing the conversion rates through the elimination of additional steps can be achieved with the help of the default checkout process by Magento. The checkout page can be enhanced by including interactive features like addition of comment boxes, exclusion of specific fields, and adjustment of the predefined checkout fields for minimizing cart abandonment rates.

Benefits You Receive for Your Store

Customization of the checkout page by adding or removing predefined fields

Analysis and tracking of the overall conversion rates as well as performance throughout every checkout field

Ample flexibility with support for multiple payment systems

What you'll get

Ensuring Faster Checkout

  • Customizable fields:

    Removing, adding, or renaming fields.

  • User-friendly checkout:

    Filled-in fields in case of unexpected page loads.

  • No need of leaving:

    Customers can login or edit fields without leaving the page.

  • Autocomplete options:

    Select location automatically with Google suggestions.

Interactive Themes

  • Responsive theme:

    Suitable for all systems

  • Adaptive modern theme(s):

    The Checkout extension makes use of a contemporary design.

  • Multiple Themes:

    Around 5 layouts and 2 themes to come across the perfect design for the store.

  • Mobile-responsive layouts :

    All the layouts are mobile friendy and responsive.

Convenient Checkout Flow

  • Seamless ordering :

    Easy orderdering for screen sections.

  • Categorized Sections:

    Screen divided into distinct sections for ease of use.

  • Seamless navigation:

    It is possible to navigate from one section to another easily.

  • Attractive Operate:

    Smooth process from one fields to another.

Solutions for Driving Real Results

Based on our customer research and speed test results, we deliver solutions that drive real results for your online revenues.

  • Trendy Design
  • Streamline Process
  • Quick Configure
  • Easy Process
  • Increase Profits
Checkout follows a trendy and modern design to enhance the shopping process.
  • Presence of modern theme– delivering a fresh and updated checkout page
  • One-click checkout–contemporary design makes the checkout process a one-click checkout process
  • Optimized checkout–admins can adjust the size of the checkout fields for optimizing the checkout process
  • Flexible design–The checkout page follows a flexible design setting to match the store style
The extension speeds up the shopping and checkout process by displaying checkout in a single column:
  • Single-Column Layout –delivering the ease of ordering
  • Reduced cart abandonment rate –with easier checkout, cart abandonment rates are minimized
  • One-page checkout –customers can view one block at a time
Store admins can seamlessly configure the checkout flow with the help of the drag-and-drop feature. :
  • Edit payment methods
  • Edit shipping methods
  • Drag-and-drop feature: Follow the intuitive drag-and-drop feature to guide the customers easily.
  • Multiple delivery options: Provision of a wide number of delivery options by scheduling date and time accordingly
  • Mobile responsiveness: Checkout page follows a mobile-responsive design to enhance the overall experience
The One Step Checkout extension offered by Magemart is a useful solution for organizing the checkout flow of the store –without any in-depth technical knowledge.
  • No need of leaving: With the single-page checkout, customers can complete the shopping process
  • Pre-completed fields: Presence of pre-filled fields to expedite the checkout process
  • Thought-through design: Delivery of intuitive and user-friendly design to simplify the process
Offer your customers with a personalized checkout process by using high-end features and design templates to specific customer groups. Set intelligent dependencies between different features for keeping the checkout page clear and consistent:
  • Easily customizing the block title
  • Adjusting order into Edit Order or Admin Panel attributes
  • Accepting popular payment methods
  • Allowing users to arrange or customize the order delivery
  • Improving the checkout page with additional attributes

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