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Order Import Export for magento 2

An easy way for admin to import and export any order resource entity, use different file types across locations, and manage platform resources with great ease without fearing any kind of data theft or loss.

Auto synchronize your Magento 2 store with different third-party plugins, service platforms, and resource facilities. Makes it a lot smooth and quick to move and implement M2 elements across platforms even when you do not possess any technical skills.

  • Migrate orders across Magento versions and instances or from other platforms
  • Create unlimited profiles and synchronize data with third-party platforms
  • Auto customer account creation option using the order billing information
  • Export/ import orders, shipping, invoice, and credit memos
  • Add tacking number if it is not present during the import
  • Quickly preview results and view import errors and fix them in real-time
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
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The gap in compliance between asynchronous elements of different e-commerce platforms and their versions increase the risk of data loss and waste a lot of time in establishing sync and coordination. Also, the native platform features don’t support the exchange of the source data and transfer of orders across systems. This makes the whole process of order import export an expert-dependent task and thereby increases the complexity as well as the cost of managing the order page.



Magemart Order Import-Export extension is an unswerving solution for syncing and putting together the orders made on other service platforms to seamlessly sync with Magento 2. The M2 Order Import Export module provides a complete service infrastructure that makes managing order data a breeze of a task. The user does not have to track data schedules or switch between order sources. To top it all, there’s no technical expertise needed for managing orders with the extension.

Benefits You Receive for Your Store

  • Manage orders efficiently
  • Seamlessly sync order data across platforms
  • Support preset templates
  • Make it fit into a certain ERP format
  • Export complete order list to required file
  • Reliable, safe import export process
  • Import Export data with fail-safe security and stability
  • Easily filter and delete orders
  • Import order from custom file formats
  • Allows viewing and mapping import-export data structures
  • No custom development overheads
  • There’s no need to involve any technical help
  • Quick result preview
  • Import and map new paths
  • Perform action with custom filters and static values
The Magento 2 order import-export extension offers the facility to seamlessly manage order details through automated file validation to avoid data losses. The users are allowed to perform one-time imports/exports with the help of additional interfaces. The extension allows transferring orders from different platform bases and operational versions to a Magneto 2 site while supporting all types of products and data formats.

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