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Product Labels Pro for magento 2

Get your products to speak to the customers directly by delivering access to clear, direct, and attractive promotional messages with innovative promotion labels extension.

With our Promotion Labels plugin, you can allow your partners and merchants to easily assign multiple labels to products or a group of products.

  • Effective marketing tool for highlighting products
  • Convincing customers to shop and improving sales
  • Setting labels like Discount, Offer, Sales, New Product, and so more
  • Choosing unlimited product labels
  • Filtering labels on the basis of price, category, products, and other factors
  • The extension is capable of supporting different groups of customers and multi-store capabilities
  • Different clients can have access to different themes along with different product images
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
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Feature Highlights

Business Value



When first-time visitors would come online, they used to come across a plethora of products. Sometimes, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to come across famous products, deals, promotions, and new arrivals. Due to this, shoppers had to spend ample time searching for the required products. Eventually, they even left the store without making a purchase. Therefore, cart abandonment becomes a major problem for most e-commerce store owners.



Magento 2 Product Labels extension by AheadGroups allows online store owners to successfully execute marketing campaigns for the promotion of new as well as featured products amongst others. With us, you can make use of engaging stickers for helping customers come across the desired products and promotions quickly and effectively. It also motivates them to ensure more purchases while drawing their attention to specific products and promotions.

Benefits You Receive for Your Store

Saving extra time as well as money through automatically running marketing campaigns

Attracting more customers with an innovative range of interactive product and promotion stickers

Boosting sales and increasing revenue by modifying the shopping behavior of the customers

What you'll get

Elevating sales with innovative promotion

  • Attractive Label Design:

    Customize the background and text of the label. Use the advanced built-in CSS editing box or modify the design.

  • Visual Helper:

    You can view the promotion of the results label customization in real-time with the help of three-label review windows -corresponding to three different sizes of labels.

  • Modification of Label Text:

    Offer suggestions for different wordings of the label text according to three label sizes. It makes them readable wherever the label will appear in the store.

Catching Customer's attention with attractive promotion

  • Effective Labels Behaviour:

    For preventing any hassle, fix the maximum number of labels over the price or product image.

  • Attractive Display of Labels:

    Place different labels in multiple positions of the same product image.Set up both horizontal as well as vertical alignment for overlapping labels having the same priority label.

  • Selection of Different Label Types:

    Customize the background and text of the label. Make use of a built-in CSS editing box for modifying the design for labels.

Ease of informing customers about the promotions and deals

  • Highlighting New Promotions:

    Displaying promotion stickers as per the date when the particular products are created in the 'New' condition.

  • On-Sale Highlighting Products:

    Trigger the label display while automatically highlighting the discounted percentage sales with Magento 2. Calculate and set dynamic discount conditions for product price.

  • Configuring Special Products Label:

    In case the product has custom status,certain conditions, then reveal the ‘Out of Flow’ or custom special design label for those Products.

Pre-created or custom Features

Get to edit your order completely for any customer information or purchase detail without changing or duplicating the invoice numbers. Preview results before applying the changes.

  • Label configuration
  • Label Position
  • Display rules
  • Unique features
Various types configuration and settings
  • Create catchy labels
  • Select ready made shapes or upload custom labels
  • Create Text only labels
  • Show labels in the products widgets
  • Set various labels automatically
  • Set label and Inform customers about promotional offers
  • Multiple labels on single product
  • Different labels for the same product on the different pages
Set position and preview the labels:
  • Drag and Drop to set the label position
  • 6 Pre-defined position : top-left, top-middle, top-right, middle-left, middle-middle, middle-right,bottom-left,bottom-middle,bottom-right
  • Rotate labels and text
  • Special effects for the labels and text
  • Custom color,font selector
  • Preview label before apply
  • Custom css
Multiple rules for displaying the label automatically:
  • Edit payment method
  • Modify shipping and handling details
  • Edit shipping method with custom price and tax
  • Charge customer for the new balance
The only module which our label extension unique:
  • Creation of labels or text or both in admin section
  • Admins can create different labels for different pages
  • Create label only once while reusing the same for different pages
  • Creation of multiple labels for the same product with different conditions
  • Viewing labels in three windows
  • Admins can upload new labels
  • Admins can choose pre-created labels with different templates and shapes
  • Drag-and-drop select positions from the grid or rotating the labels

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