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Order Editor for Magento 2 - Lite for magento 2

An easy-to-use and error-proof way to manage order editing, card charging, and invoice updates for your Magento 2 powered store.

Quickly edit marketplace orders and update customer and billing records in one go together with the most powerful extension features ever

  • The only module with a 3-way editing facility
  • Preview results and get real-time updates
  • Keeps the order number same without cancelling the order
  • Add/edit/delete order and item details
  • Quickly view, archive, take actions through order grids
  • Track changes, get action alerts, and maintain logs
  • No-hassle order editing with user-friendly toolbar
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.4.3
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.4.3
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Default Magento offers limited features for editing order details and bounds you to cancel the existing order and issue the new one as you attempt to edit an order. Going with the entire process all over again is time-consuming and inconvenient for you and your customers, besides being highly prone to error. Additionally, Magento doesn’t display all the information in the orders grid, which means you have to open order pages to see the details to make changes – making it an overwhelmingly tough process to handle.



Order Editor Extension erases this gap and makes payment re-authorization/card charging, order editing, and invoice management a breeze of a task to do. The extension serves as a one-point solution for correcting the order details, revalidating invoices, updating customer details, and managing records across the channel with great accuracy and ease. So, you save a lot of time and effort while keeping it all smooth and error-free across the ends.

Edit order information

Get to edit your order completely for any customer information or purchase detail without changing or duplicating the invoice numbers. Preview results before applying the changes.

  • Add or Edit Ordered Items
  • Charge Customer Card
  • Modify Shipping and Payment Method
  • Edit Order and Account Details
  • Log Manager
Change Item Details, Quantities, or Prices in the order
  • Add/Edit/Remove Items
  • Modify Item Price, Quantity, Discount, Tax
  • Edit Custom Options
  • Change Item Description
  • Items list with product Image
Re-authorize payment without card credentials:
  • Automatic re-authorization request
  • Charge customer for the order, based on the settings
  • Charge customer for the outstanding balance
  • Or charge customer for the order total
Change the order payment details and edit shipping method:
  • Edit payment method
  • Modify shipping and handling details
  • Edit shipping method with custom price and tax
  • Charge customer for the new balance
Edit and make changes in the order tracking information
  • Edit order status, date
  • Edit custom order number
  • Edit Order State
  • Edit Customer Group, Email
  • Edit Customer Details
Maintain the date, time and admin user
  • Manage order logs
  • Create data repository
  • View Log for the edited order details
  • Maintain the date, time, edited by
  • Log all the data for the order, invoice, ship, memo

Everything important. In one place!

With the extended cataloging and viewing features of the Magento 2 order editor extension, you can see all the information about your customer orders organized in one place.

  • Order’s Items
  • Extended Intuitive Interface
  • Address Details
  • Custom Actions
No-click filtered view of the item order list :
  • Item's thumbnails
  • Item's Avaialable options
  • Item's detail with name, SKUs, price, type, quantity, tax, discount
  • Customer group
  • Custom order note
  • Archive order
  • Coupon codes
Quickly view the order details accessing information directly through grid:
  • Side-sliding order view
  • View order colors based on status
  • Quick order navigation
  • Get full listing view
  • Filter Orders based on selected attributes
Ajax based customer view billing and shipping details without shuffling through pages :
  • Shipping address details
  • Billing address details
  • Order Information
  • Customer account Information
Perform compound grid actions at a time and manage everything around your Magento 2 orders taking multiple actions for each item through dynamic event-based rendering:
  • Archive orders
  • Send emails with or without notifying customers
  • Create Online Invoice with or without notifying customers
  • Create Online Invoice with or without notifying customers
  • Create Shipments with or without notifying customers
  • Generate Credit memo with or without notifying customers

Full Feature List

Order Editor extension provides a complete set of features to allow users a one-stop solution for managing and editing orders on their stores, going beyond the limited innate capabilities of Magento 2.

The full features list of this module provides the following options:

  • Extension Features
  • Configuration Settings

Order Editing

    • Edit order status
    • Edit order state
    • Modify custom order number
    • Modify new order date
    • Modify customer name
    • Modify customer email
    • Modify customer group
    • Modify customer's other attributes
    • Add or remove products in the order
    • Change the price of the ordered items
    • Set new quantity of items in the order
    • Specify another appropriate tax rate
    • Put in the new discount amount
    • Edit shipping and handling details
    • Edit payment information
    • Edit shipping custom price
    • Shipping price
    • Item Prices
    • Item Discounts
    • Item Taxes

Advanced Grid

    • Ship and notify customers
    • Ship without Notifying customers
    • Invoices with customer notification
    • Invoices without customer notification
    • Credit memos with customer notification
    • Credit memos without customer notification
    • Send Emails
    • Colored Orders
    • Quickly view billing and shipping details
    • Quickly view order information
    • Quickly view account information
    • Easy view items detail
    • Extended multiple columns with order different attributes
    • Extended multiple columns with items different attributes
    • Filter order with selected order attributes
    • Archive Orders
    • Un-archive Orders
    • Delete Invoice
    • Delete Shipment
    • Delete Invoice and Shipment together
    • Delete Credit Memo
    • Delete Invoice, Shipment and credit memo together
    • Delete Order

Log Manager

    • Edit Items
    • Modify Address
    • Modify Accout Information
    • Modify Order Information
    • Modify Shipping Information
    • Modify Payment Information
    • Delete Actions
    • Log Section with each order
    • Separate Log Section

Perform Re-authorizations

    • Price
    • Tax
    • Discount
    • Shipping

List of extension admin configuration setting options:

Edit Order

    • Track Order
    • Custom Note
    • Noify Customer
    • Delete Order
    • Delete Invoice
    • Delete Shipments
    • Delete Credit Memos
    • Customized Address Format
    • Edit State
    • Modify Order based on Order Status
    • Edit Items
    • Select Items Columns
    • Enable/Disable Re-Authorization
    • Re-Authorization with selected Payment Methods
    • Auto Update Invoices
    • Auto Update Shipments
    • Enable/Disable Option
    • Edit Order based on Order Status
    • Enable/Disable Delete Order
    • Delete Order(s) based on order Status
    • Enable/Disable Delete Invoice
    • Enable/Disable Delete Shipment
    • Enable/Disable Delete Memo
    • Additional Invoice Status
    • Delete Additional Invoice Status
    • Enable/Disable Log
    • Enable/Disable Log for Onepage Editing
    • Enable/Disable Log for Quick Editing
    • Color for Added Items Log
    • Color for Removed Items Log
    • Color for Updated Items Log

Advanced Grid Manager

    • Enable/Disable Order Color
    • Order Color Settings
    • Enable/Disable Mass Actions
    • Create Notify Actions
    • Create Without Notify Actions
    • Re-send Emails Actions
    • Delete Actions
    • Change Status Actions
    • Enable/Disable Archive Orders
    • Create Actions
    • Enable/Disable Log Manager
    • Save Log Option
    • Save Log in Order History Option
    • Coloring for Added Items Log
    • Coloring for Removed Items Log
    • Coloring for Updated Items Log

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Order managment extension erases the gap
and create a breeze of a task by ensuring the solution


Edit Order


  • One page Edit
  • Quick Edit
  • Edit Account Information
  • Edit Order Information
  • Edit Billing Address
  • Edit Shipping Address
  • Edit payment Method
  • Edit Shipping Method
  • Add/Edit/Delete Items
  • Add/Edit Items Tax
  • Add/Edit Items Discount
  • Many more..


Edit Order + Advanced Grid


  • Order Coloring manger
  • Bulk Creating Invoice,Ship, Credit Memo (Offline) and (Online)
  • Bulk Creating Invoice,Ship, Credit Memo
  • Bulk Actions with notifying customers
  • Bulk Actions without notifying customers
  • Bulk Delete Order(s)
  • Bulk Re-send Emails
  • Bulk Change Status
  • Custom Order Note with and without notfying customer
  • Items Detail
  • Customer Details
  • Multiple Columns
  • Many more..


Edit Order + Advanced Grid + Invoice Manger + Re-authorization


  • Lite + Pro Included
  • Inline Edit
  • Log Manager
  • Track Changes
  • User Friendly and Custom Toolbar
  • Customer Login
  • Track Order
  • Notify Customer
  • Custom Order Note
  • Perform Payment Re-authorization for below Addons
  • Many more..
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