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Save Credit Cards Method for magento 2

With AheadGroups Magento 2 Saved Credit Cards extension, the store owners can save the credit card details of the customers for ensuring offline order processing along with faster checkout for further orders.

With the Saved Credit Cards Payment Method module, it is also possible for store owners to set up a new payment method in the Magento 2 checkout functionality a lot quickly and safely.

  • Storing credit card details in encrypted format
  • Processing for online and offline
  • Admins can view credit card details from the backend
  • Comprehensive payment method
  • Both frontend and backend availability
  • Hiding credit card information in the backend
  • Fully configurable card setup
  • Manual or automatic wiping of credit card information
  • Support for Magento 2 web API
  • Retrieval of data with Magento API
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
Enterprise: 2.1.* - 2.4.*
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Why Saved Cards Payment Method ?

This option enables you to take credit cards and to process them offline. This method is useful when you have a card terminal in a brick and mortar store or have access to a virtual terminal. Saved Cards extension will provide Magento 'unique token' access to allow future transactions without the merchant enter any sensitive credit card data on while placing the order.

Using this extension, on customer call or request admin has an additional facility to create quick order in admin panel.Admin can either select already saved card or have an option to save new card to place order.This way you can increase sales and turn your onetime customer in returning and loyal customer.

When you will check you will see the drop-down to select the card. The same Admin can also see while creating the order. Also under my account "My Profile will list all the added cards" and "Add Card" will allow you to add the card.

  • * Store credit card type, number and expiration date.
  • * Payment method is available in both frontend as well as backend.
  • * Credit card information is stored encrypted format in the Magento database.
  • * Admin can view Card full info in order view info.
  • *Admin can purge saved card from the order view.
  • * Ability to hide ("mask") credit card information in backend and can show by just clicking show button.
  • *This is offlie payment method so authorize or invoice will not be processed.
  • Customer can save their card while checkout
  • Returning customer can pay by selecting their card from dropdown
  • A customer unique profile will be created
  • Created profile is secure
  • Customer can see the list of saved cards under Manage customers stored cards
  • Customer can checkout using his unique profile by selecting his cards
******Customer calls you to place order ?:*****
  • Admin create a order in admin > select the saved card under payment information and submit
  • Admin still have the ability to enter new card while create new order
  • Admin have the option to save the new card while create new order
  • This process help alot admin to create order on customer call and time saver

******Well Tested******

Our module has been fully tested with above Compatible versions. Because of the unobtrusive architecture of Saved Cards extension, you will find its smooth working with Magento.

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