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Best Magento Development Services to consider in 2022

The popularity of Magento has gained a huge number of votes from developers and Magento store owners. It is a powerful open-source platform with the caliber of lifting the business to a higher level. Magento 2 features make it the most preferred eCommerce platform to cover a vast market. Also, this high-performance Magento 2 platform plays an important role in the eCommerce business industry. Big companies have upgraded to this robust and secure technology.

But, Why Should You Consider Magento 2 Platform for Ecommerce?

Check out the key features offered by Magento 2
  • Simple architecture and better scalability like no other eCommerce platform.
  • Updated versions and enough space for new improvements.
  • Improved full-page caching to load the web pages faster. faster page loads and better scalability
  • Robust and hassle-free shopping experience with a one-step checkout process.
  • Flexible payments options for flexibility during checkout for end-users
  • Focus on updating the content and focus on building Online Presence with SEO and media marketing strategies.
  •  Simplified and customizable admin interface to manage everything flawlessly.
  • Seamless and easy management of products, attributes, inventory, users
Whether you have a Magento store, check out this comprehensive list of Magento Development that can be done in Magento.

Top Magento 2 Store Development Services Available

  • Magento Web Development
    Build your own Magento Store to sell smart and sell more. With experienced Magento web developers, these can be built:
    • an appealing and interactive Magento website
    • Magento Design and Development Services
    • custom functions to magnetize more traffic
    • increase user engagements.
  • API Module Integration
    Our certified Magento developers can integrate the right API Module for your online business store and reduce the hurdle of managing the web, payment, order, shipping, and daily order management process. Moreover, Certified Developers can improve the store using API model in different areas:
    • GraphQL
    • Rest APIs
    • Web Apis
    • API Module Integration
    • Integrate third-party modules using APIs
    • enhance the product shipping experience to boost sales.
  • Hire Certified Developer
    Get professional help for building Magento Ecommerce Store to save the cost and get the expected outcomes. Our Magento 2 Certified Developers with 15+ years of experience in Magento 2,1 can build well-equipped, scalable, and tailored websites at a reasonable price. We provide flexible hiring, which allows the customers to hire skilled developers at per convenience.
    • Magento 2 Adobe professional certified Associate Developers
    • Adobe professional certified professional Developers
    • Hire Magento theme Developer
    • Magento 2 Certified Front-End Developer
    • PWA Studio Developers
  • Magento Front-End Development
    The stunning Front-end can allure the customer to stay longer. With the Magento Front-End Development Solutions, we create a highly responsive and efficient UX/UI to cater to user needs. Our Magento front-end developers assure flawless and breathtaking front-end development:
    • UX/UI Designers
    • HTML 5, CSS
    • Responsive theme
    • jQuery development
    • React, Node JS.
  • Server Migration Service
    Facing the low performance of your Magento 2 store on the current server, it is the right time to change to a new server. With Magento 2 Server Migration help, you can speed up the eCommerce store, troubleshoot problems, move data and store files to a new server, and install the needed software.
    • Speed up eCommerce Store
    • Migration of Data
    • Troubleshoot Problems
    • Store files to a New Server
    • Install Serve Migration
  • Custom Module Creation

    Amplify the growth of your Online Business Store Performance with the Magento 2 Custom Module Solutions. Our Magento 2 Developers will develop proper front-end and back-end, implement payment gateways, integrate SEO-friendly codes, and install security patches.

    Custom modules to make your store more powerful.Customization can be done in both frontend and backend with our certified developers. A few of them are:

    • payment methods
    • Shipping methods
    • Design theme as per business needs
    • Customize frontend and backend
    • Easy Customization of JavaScript files
    • Customize APIs modules
    • Synchronization between 2 Software
  • Magento Responsive Theme
    Need a responsive theme to deliver the best user experience to customers. You are at the right place. With Magento 2 theme creation service, designers provide all the key factors while developing a responsive theme:-
    • SEO-friendly
    • Adjustable at all screen sizes
    • Call-to-actions to engage more users
    • relevant content
    • Eye-catching theme
    • The theme which can maintain your site speed
  • Payment Module Services
    Having efficient and credible Payment gateways play a vital role in the growth of your business. With years of experience, Magento developers can easily integrate the Payment Gateways Module into Magento Sites. It offers key features:-
    • Stripe payment method
    • Paypal payment method
    • Braintree Payment method
    • Safe and Secure Payment Option
  • Data Migration Services
    After every three months, Magento releases new versions with robust functionalities and benefits. If your eCommerce store is on Magento 2, migrate it to the latest versions. Data Migration Services can help with a cost-effective and secure migration facility to migrate your online business data to the new Magento 2.
    • Migrate data:- From one e-commerce to Magento
    • Data Migration of Catalogs and stored customer information.
    • Migration of third-party data and codes.
  • Multilingual Magento Store
    If your Magento 2 Storefront doesn’t understand the different languages and is incompetent to communicate with users globally, soon the business will go down. To augment more sales and high conversation rates, Multilingual Magento Stores offers you affordable solutions, which are:-
    • Custom Multilingual Store Design
    • Multiple Currencies and Languages Feature
    • SEO-friendly Architecture
    • Cross-selling
    • Inventory management
    • Catalogue Management
    • Store and Product Management
  • Magento Performance Optimization
    Optimize your Magento speed to keep users and have more traffic. Magento Performance Optimization can identify Performance issues, optimize the landing page, and add quintessential features to boost engagements and work on SEO-friendly pages. Some other Key Optimization Solutions:
    • Relentless Website Speed Analysis
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Optimize the Content
    • Reduce the size of images, fonts, and widgets.
    • SEO-friendly strategy and marketing for promotion
    • Lightweight themes and attractive front-ends
  • Commerce Cloud Services
    Magento Commerce Cloud offers you Paas (Platform-as-a-service) a real-time environment to take your online eCommerce store to a global scale. With Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Solution, you get the complete hosted setup, scalable cloud marketing ecosystem, and full-fledged cloud-based Magento platform to extend the business.
    • Commerce Cloud Consultation
    • Set up Continuous Integration Tools
    • Commerce Cloud Implementation
    • Store Architecture Planning
    • Payment and Shipment API integration.
  • Development of Third-party Extensions
    Add any features or customized attributes that can be built with the Magento Development Extensions service. Magento 2 Store can be appended with extensions to run the system smoothly and enhance sales desires.
    • Customizable third-party extensions.
    • Plugin and Module Development
    • Magento Extension Integration
    • Extension Upgrade Solution
    • Troubleshooting the Extensions
  • Magento Mobile App Development
    Develop a Mobile Application to present your product to customers on smartphones. Magento App Development Solutions can build cross-platform apps or progressive web apps to promote your online business and increase revenue. It gives you the best features:
    • Order Management
    • Stock Management
    • Shipment Process Management
    • Promotion of Application in App Store
    • Instant communication between admins and customers
  • Consulting and E-commerce Strategy
    Let Magento experts check your store performance and prepare an eCommerce strategy to attract more buyers. Our consultation and E-commerce Strategy is an optimal solution for the Magento 2 store owners. Prepare a strategy to grow your eCommerce business and manage the store effectively.
    • 24/7 Magento E-commerce Consultation
    • Audit Magento Ecommerce Site
    • Prepare Ecommerce Strategy
    • Boost E-commerce Store Sales
  • Magento Upgrade Service

    Online Ecommerce Stores are the most vulnerable platform, which gets 25% of cyberattacks, and 29% of traffic can jeopardize the website. Also, upgrading Magento Versions will offer you the best solution along:-
    • fix bugs to improve Magento 2 website speed.
    • Install security patches
    • Import/Export Data
    • Back up the data
    • Set up and configure Elasticsearch.
    • Upgrade Magento to the latest version.
  • SEO Services
    SEO-friendly web pages can crawl easily and rank at the top of the Google Search Result Page. Your Online Magento Store presence on SERPs can generate more organic high-converting traffic. Our Magento SEO services offer you the best solutions:
    • Run SEO Audit
    • Develop Ecommerce SEO Strategy
    • Boost SERPs ranking
    • Paid Social Media Marketing
    • Content Management and Optimization
  • Support and Maintenance
    Magento websites are quite complex platforms, which require regular improvements and fix-raising problems for running internal operations smoothly. Magento Support and Maintenance Services ensure a fast and polished eCommerce store. Therefore, Add new functionalities and integrate the website with third-party extensions to avoid any risk of pitfalls.
    • Add new third-party extensions
    • Fix bugs and track the logs
    • Install New security patches
    • Improve SERPs rankings and optimize the eCommerce content
    • optimize your website performance
  • Over to You

    Our Magento Development Solutions can open tons of opportunities for your business. Also, a team of experienced Magento developers is available to assist you with the best Magento 2 services online! So, Get in touch with Magemart.com – Magento Development Company in India to know more.
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