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Top Free and Paid Magento Extensions

Are you looking for the best Magento 2 extensions to derive the desired results? But you are confused about choosing between free and paid Magento plugins. Magento has become a prior choice for online store owners. It creates scalable and powerful stores to complete the business goals. Giant companies are choosing Magento for their eCommerce activities. There are over 250 thousand businesses that run their stores on the Magento 2 platform.

Running a Magento store requires timely improvements to reach a wider audience. In addition, a wide range of commercial extensions can establish your brand online.

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However, in the Magento marketplace, many free and paid Magento extensions are available that can help to customize your Magento 2 store for better results. Because of this confusion, you need help to decide which is the right for your business needs.

Today, we will share a detailed guide that explains the difference between the two options. Along with this, there is a list of the best free and paid extensions for you.

Paid Magento 2 Extensions

While Magento has a wide range of free extensions, there are many paid custom modules for store owners. To get premium Magento extensions, you should have the budget to spend on advanced features and functionalities. Consider the list of pros and cons before paying for commercial paid extensions.

Pros of using Paid Magento Extensions

  • Superior Features: Unlike free plugins, these paid extensions come up with unlimited functionalities that make them benefit business stores.
  • Fewer issues: Custom paid modules are easy to maintain, as they have fewer to no bugs or errors.
  • Reduced Cost: Getting a premium extension will not require hiring Magento 2 developers. It can also reduce the cost and customize the store as per needs.
  • Full support: It provides free support on paid extensions and can offer money-back guarantees or lifetime updates.

Cons of using Paid Magento Extensions

  • Cost of the Module: You may end up with an expensive extension if you buy without checking the price and thorough research.
  • Not Free from Errors: Choosing a paid extension does not mean it is free from errors and bugs. It only means that the developer will help you solve the problem because of monetary transactions.

List of Popular Paid and Free Extensions for your Store

  • One-step Checkout: This extension ensures a faster and simple checkout process for a better shopping experience. It will increase the conversation rates by 40% and minimize card abandonment.
  • Order Editor: It offers the easiest way to manage order editing, card charging, and invoice updates for your Magento 2-powered store.
  • Payment Reauthorization: Using this payment method extension, you can accept your payment directly through your website, adding no service layer. It reduces the time during payment processing and assures a faster turnaround.
  • Categories Import/Export: It allows the transport of categories to different platforms in one go. You can add, edit, or delete details of each category separately. You will not lose any data and assign products into categories.
  • Save Credit Cards: This Magento 2 Save Credit Cards extension ensures storing card details in encrypted form. It will hide all the sensitive data and credit card information in the backend.

Make the Decision

I hope this guide will be helpful to you. While selecting the best Magento 2 extensions for your Magento store, pay attention to your need for customization. Understand the fact, why do you need extensions?

Also, Make a list of your business goals for choosing the custom modules. It will help you find the extensions right for your store business. Also, go for the paid extensions if it adds value to the eCommerce website.

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Any Atkinson

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