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Magento 2 Performance Optimization

As per latest statistics, 90 percent of users will leave your website if it loads for more than 3 seconds. Moreover, every 100-millisecond delay in website loading can decrease conversions by around 7 percent. Additionally, website speed is one of the major ranking factors for both mobile and desktop platforms.

With Magemart Magento 2 performance optimization you can enhance the service capacity and the speed of your e-commerce platform. This means you have higher chance to attract and retain users and have more traffic and conversions on the site.

In turn, Magento server optimization by Magemart will help in growing your business, increasing the number of products that are available, and uploading more content without affecting the overall performance of the website. Magento 2 is capable of handling an e-commerce store with a large number of products.

What we offer

Technical Support

Complete technical and service support

A slow Magento 2 website loading speed can ruin all the business plans of your e-commerce store. You can consider being proactive in advance. Start optimizing your website ahead of time.

Slowing Down Magento 2 site Loading

  • Visual content that is poorly optimized
  • Free or unoptimized server
  • Unoptimized JavaScript, css, custom code
  • Messy redirects
  • Third-party scripts including extensions, themes, and add-ons

How can Magento 2 Slow Loading Impact?

  • Poor usability
  • Higher bounce rates
  • Fewer site visits
  • Lower positions on the SERPs
  • Lower conversion rates

Outcomes of Site Speed Optimization?

  • Faster server response
  • Faster web page loading speeds
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Improved site traffic
  • Improved Magento 2 performance

Magento Integrations

Enhance and scale your website's performance by flawlessly integrating Magento plugins and extensions to get you the best value out of the platform.

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Working of Magento 2 Speed Optimization


Firstly, our experienced manager will contact your team to discuss specific details of the project. Experienced professionals will answer all your queries while agreeing on a particular plan for taking further action. Then, they will submit your website to technical experts or specialists for conducting detailed audit.


Performance or speed optimization can be a challenging task. Moreover, it will also have several factors to consider. Therefore, before you go into depths regarding refactoring your code, our team of experts conducts in-depth research of Magento 2 performance through manual efforts for detecting possible causes for the problem. All the findings will be presented once the audit gets ready.

Addressing the Stoppers

At Aheadgroups, once we get your approval, our team of specialists will on-board the project and start working towards delivering optimum Magento 2 speed optimization services. Based on the website audit and requirement analysis, our team works on these areas:


  • Server Optimization
  • Landing page and content Optimization
  • Images, JS, CSS Optimization
  • Clean Database Logs and Optimization
  • Code Optimization

Advanced Cache Server Settings

  • Use separate server for DB and files
  • Implement Varnish, Redis, Nignix cache
  • Use of CDN
  • Merge and minify JS,css building
  • Update Indexers

Secure & Scalable

  • Use light weight themes
  • Address unnecessary fonts
  • Update to magento latest version
  • Audit third party plugins & custom code
  • Turn Production mode On

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