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PWA Development Process: 3 Common Mistakes and Solutions

The progressive web app is no more the latest technology trend. Google launched this web app development technology in 2015. Since then, it has expanded rapidly in order to remain competitive in the app market.Progressive web applications have turned the tables for businesses struggling to gain customers.

🔥 There are a lot of benefits to building a progressive web app. So, how do you build a great PWA? What are the challenges while developing a web app? This article will share a guide to creating the best progressive web app for your business.

A Brief about Progressive Web App

A progressive app is a web application with advanced features of native apps. You may think that it is a website only. Similar to the mobile app, you may experience fast and reliable browsing. Users can access them on mobile and desktop devices without a network connection.

Check out the list of popular brands with a PWA. There is a subtle increase in engagements, conversions, and income sources after launching PWA apps, according to statistics.

Key Benefits of PWA:

  • Lightning Speed: Progressive applications load faster than regular websites. The web app can load in less than two seconds, regardless of the network connection. It improves the user experience and generates more traffic.
  • Engaging: PWAs attract more customers using native app features, such as push notifications, adding to the home screen, smooth scrolling, etc. It will significantly increase conversion rates.
    Reliable: The frustration of not being able to use an app when there is a poor connection. The progressive web app offers offline functionality to eliminate the problem of disrupted experiences.

It looks easy to develop a Progressive web application. It is because HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies are used. The development process requires less time and money.

PWA Development: Three Difficulties and Solutions

  • No Knowledge of Core Values

    You may already study the benefits of progressive web apps. Using those benefits, many brands have achieved the desired results. However, some have failed to understand the core values of progressive web apps. As a result, they cannot see the expected results. It is crucial for business owners to comprehend how technology works.

  • No Proper Development Solution

    PWA is easy to develop and publish on web browsers. Several companies are offering PWA development solutions to build a good PWA. Usually, there is no guarantee that you have hired the best one. It is not recommended to use the development solution used by other companies. So, consult a PWA development company for a suitable solution that meets your business expectations.

  • Confusion About PWA Cost

    Several companies offer PWA development services at affordable prices. They may leverage customers with low prices, but their services may have hidden costs. It sounds like a trap, right?

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Solutions to Develop the Best PWA Apps

Progressive mobile web apps are still complex for professionals to work with. Therefore, you should hire a PWA development company. The benefits of working with a PWA expert:

  • They will create a web app in the fastest and easiest way. If there are questions regarding the project, they will find the answers to optimize the work.
  • A PWA developer can understand your business goals and build the design accordingly. It helps to make the right decisions that will not exceed your budget. Likewise, you can save time and money.
  • Experts will help in improving the quality of the PWA. You will get space to complete the PWA version with updated features.

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Magemart.com – The Best PWA Development Company

You might be looking for a PWA development company in India. Magemart helps small businesses and startups develop the best progressive web apps. Here is the list of reasons why to choose us as your PWA development partner:

  • Experience of Years: Our developers have handled projects from all over the world. We have done projects from the US, UK, and more.
  • Customized PWA solutions: We provide suitable development solutions to cater to the different needs of the customers. Based on the needs and situations of your company, we try to present the right solutions.
  • 24/7 Services: If you need any updates anytime, our company provides free support for a few months. So, businesses don’t have to struggle to fix any bugs.
  • Cost-effective services: For startups, it is common to have a tight budget. You want a web app that behaves like a mobile app. We provide high-quality PWA development services at an affordable cost.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a legit PWA development company! It is not late to embrace this technology to boost your business effectively. Our straightforward way of building a progressive web app can help you get the expected results.

Please Contact us for more discussion.

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