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Top magento eCommerce extensions in 2022

Magento eCommerce Extensions can increase the loading speed of your Magento Store. As you may know, Magento 2 is an open-source platform. For small store owners, it is the best solution to build an online business. You can add as many extensions as you want. Thousands of extensions are available in the Magento marketplace, to help you from SEO marketing to inventory management.

In this article, we will talk about the top Magento 2 extensions. You will learn why you should consider them for your new eCommerce website. So, here is the list of the high-quality Magento 2 extensions to add.

Top Magento Ecommerce Extensions for Your Store

  • One-Step Checkout Extension

    When it comes to shopping online, Customers leave abandoned carts. So, why it is happening? Because you missed considering the customer Checkout experiences. Hence, the checkout process is a crucial part of bringing more traffic and boosting your eCommerce Store Sales.

    In fact, One-Step checkout extension is the only solution to reduce the number of customers who abandon the cart. Also, customers despise filling out long forms while ordering online. In this case, one-step checkout ensures your customer a faster and smarter checkout process.

    Benefits of using Magento 2 One-step Checkout:
    • Customers can purchase in a single step.
    • Easy payment option with no filling out lengthy details.
    • Increase the speed and shopping experience with a one-step process
    • Improve sales by providing a smooth billing cycle.
    • Eliminate unnecessary fields to enhance the customer experience.
    • Allowing customers to choose delivery date and time.
  • Advance Order Management Extension

    Managing the orders extends the workload on the store owners. Additionally, it will slow the speed of the Magento store. So, an advanced order management extension can solve the slow-speed problem.

    This advance order manager creates an admin panel to view the orders, products, and customer details from the Grid.

    Key features of Advanced Order Management Extensions:

    • Allow changing the order details like order status, etc.
    • Customers can ask you to send an order invoice.
    • Easy to manage the shipment, send notifications to customers, archive the orders, etc.
    • Allow handling the orders without opening them using this sales grid.
  • Free Google Shopping Tool

    Google Shopping Extensions for Magento 2 allows customers to search and compare the prices of the products. Moreover, it is designed to connect the Magento store with your Google Merchant Account.

    Using Google Merchant Service, you can list all your products on Google shopping for creating new customers and driving sales. Therefore, it is easy to use the free Magento Extension from Google to create a compatible Google Merchant XML feed in minutes.

    Key Technical features:-
    • Compatible with all Magento 2 product types.
    • Available with the Google Shopping Standards.
    • Easy to install and configure with the latest Magento 2 versions.
    • Allow being 100% built for Google Shopping or Merchant.
    • Access to unlimited store views with the localized content
    • Offers the best feature to complete the Documentation quickly.
    • Beginner and advanced users can update it regularly.
  • Edit Order for Magento 2

    Edition requires much time and effort. For store owners, it is difficult to edit thousands of orders. It takes time to update Magento 2 store regularly. Here, Magento 2 edit order extension can help you to edit any information about orders.

    Edit Order for Magento 2 extensions allows you to edit orders automatically. Check out its following features:-
    • Allows using One-page Editor, quick, and Inline.
    • Permit to add, edit, and remove orders, custom price, tax, and discount.
    • Enable editing of the billing, shipping address, payment, and, shipping method.
    • Allow opting for re-authorize payments on saving and charge order balance.
    • Enabling the simple tracking shipment Track Shipment.
    • Allow editing of the orders without canceling them.
  • Tracking Import/Export

    Tracking Import/Export extension will automate the shipments, track the data, and keep the record of invoices. Further, it allows the admin to import all the data and shipments in bulk.

    Import/ Export Extension for Magento 2 offers you the best features, which are mentioned below:-
    • Allows store owners to Import orders and update the orders automatically.
    • Access to reports and action taken for importing the orders.
    • Permit to Import multiple tracking numbers for partial shipments.
    • Allow adding tracking number automatically, if it is not present during the import
    • Create and reuse multiple profiles to migrate data.

Find the suitable and Best Magento 2 Extension for your store

In conclusion, installing and configuring these Magento 2 plugins can help you ‌improve inventory, control the order, manage the customers, customer service, etc. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can go for the Magento extension development. Our skilled Magento Developers can help you build customized extensions to add more features to your online eCommerce Store.

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