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6+ Best Magento Sales Promotion Ideas and Addons

Learn 6+ eCommerce Sales Ideas and Magento add-ons to boost sales and increase engagements.
A drop in Sales affects the growth of the business. Online Magento Store Owners are mostly suffering from slow store sales. The only method to evaluate the website performance and drive more traffic is – Sales Promotion. Magento 2 stores need effective sales promotion ideas and Magento extensions to reach more customers. It gives the best shopping experience by adding discounts, coupons, and free shipping methods.
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As you can see, coming up with good Magento 2 Store Sales Promotion Ideas helps you to meet your business needs. In this article, we will discuss the best eCommerce sales ideas and tools to improve conversation rates. Also, a list of recommended best Magento 2 Addons to take advantage of them.So, Let’s get started!

Why are your Magento Store Sales low?

Running a successful business leads to an increase in-store sales in the next period. However, during the sales performance analysis of your eCommerce store, you recognize a sharp drop in sales. To understand more about why it is happening, look at the following reasons:-
  • Driving Only New Customers: Depending on new customers or shoppers is the actual cause. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring new customers to your store. So, it is important to focus on the current ones.
  • No Trust and Security: It is the case with the new eCommerce brands or products, which struggle to make a place in the market. Customers feel a lack of motivation and trust in the product that has just been released.
  • Bad Website Performance: Magento Website Performance plays a key role in the growth of your business. Poor content, heavy design, and slow loading speed of your online Magento Store. As a result, it will slow down your sales.
  • No Frequent Communication: Building a good relationship with customers is the key to success. However, it takes time to communicate with customers. So, many store owners ignore the frequent communication method to stay loyal.
  • No Up-sell or cross-sell: Upsell and cross-sell grow the revenue by suggesting products. According to instant search analysis, Cross-selling and up-selling can increase the boost sales by 30%. It is a tremendous loss for your Magento 2 store to not include them.

Best Magento Sales Promotion Rules

  • Reduce the Cart Abandonment:

    Recovery of the abandoned cart can increase sales. There are several reasons why your shoppers leave the cart and prevent them from checkout.

    Challenges: Abandoning carts is a big problem for eCommerce store owners. As per Statista, 80% of shoppers left the cart abandoned. It means only 20% of customers purchase the products which they added to the cart.


    • Remind the customers by sending abandoned cart emails.
    • Optimize the checkout process to improve the shopping experience.
    • Share the wishlist option to reach potential customers and ask them to add products there.
    • Enable pop-ups to your store to remind whenever customers do any activity to the wishlist.
  • Offer Discounts and Coupons

    Discount Codes and Coupons give motivation to customers to buy the product. Almost 80% of shoppers had used digital coupons and discounts to make a good deal.

    Challenges: Running ad campaigns should have appealing factors to attract customers. Sometimes, shoppers use multiple promotion campaigns at one time, which consumes much time.


    • Sales promotion campaigns such as discounts, coupons, deals, or free delivery.
    • Create exclusive deals and discount codes to boost conversion rates.
    • Send your loyal customers coupons and multiple deals on special occasions.
    • Offer a free shipping option by adding Magento 2 free shipping extensions.
    • Use bestsellers or the latest product labels to motivate customers to buy more.
  • Reduce the Perceived Price

    Customers feel less pain when they get something in return. For an eCommerce business, it is a good way to get leads and revenue. It is a win-win idea for both businesses and customers.

    Challenges: How to prepare gifts cards that serve both customers and your business? Customers perceive the value of the product as the same as they wanted.


    • Install an add-on to customize the unlimited gift codes.
    • Generate gift cards.
    • Composing gift messages during the checkout process.
    • Create hampers gift them for buying multiple products.
  • Run Loyalty Programs

    Loyal customers make frequent purchases from the preferred eCommerce companies. 65% of customers state they spend more time in their favorite store. Therefore, creating your loyalty programs can help to keep existing customers and gain profits.

    Challenges: However, only well-designed and planned loyalty programs can stand out. But, customizing a reward management system is quite difficult for non-tech store owners.


    • Allow customers to join and enjoy discount offers.
    • Avail of the membership cards to have a better shopping experience.
    • Build a reward or point accumulation system to make them earn points and shop more.
    • Create communities to interact with your customers directly.
    • Increase excitement by surprises and unexpected gifts
  • Increase Social Presence

    Customers always check the quality of the products, and it is worth spending money on them. Previous Customers’ reviews and feedback can build trust and ease the worry in new ones.

    Challenges: But, it is a tough job to ask the customers to submit pros and cons about the items. However, users can deny reviewing, rating, or sharing the product online. Here, user-generated content is a real challenge for eCommerce stores.


    • Engage customers on your social media accounts.
    • Attract customers to promote your products without telling them.
    • Ask them to give reviews on products they purchase from your Magento site.
    • Give rewards such as extra points, gifts, and the first edition of your products.
    • Include rates information to search results.

Best Magento Extensions to Add to your Magento 2 Store

  • One-Step Check Process for Magento 2
    One-step checkout is the ultimate tool for cart abandonment reduction. It ensures a faster and smarter way to checkout. Also, customers get the best shopping experience and are likely to purchase products. Using a one-step checkout extension can improve customer satisfaction. A one-step checkout process can increase conversion rates by 40%. It can minimize shopping cart abandonment.

    key features

    • The single-page checkout process is a smart way to explore everything.
    • Single page customer registration during checkout
    • Allow customers to select a delivery time and date
    • Easy to add the option of extra fees for customers.
    • Create a gift message for the particular order
    • Display static blocks as custom footer or header on the checkout page
  • Product Labels Pro for Magento 2
    Magento 2 Product Labels Pro brings you the best way to speak to the customers with accessible and attractive promotional messages. Moreover, this promotion label extension allows merchants and partners to create multiple promotional labs for a group of products. Our promotion label plugin is an effective marketing tool for highlighting products.

    Key Features

    • Efficient enough to convince customers to shop and improve store sales.
    • Generate labels like a discount, offers, sales, new products, and so more
    • Allow choosing unlimited product labels
    • Able to filter labels based on price, category, and products.
    • Support different ‌customers and multi-store capabilities
    • Get access to use different themes along with different product images.
  • Order Editor for Magento 2
    Magento 2 order editor extension is the simplest tool to manage order editing, card charging, and updating invoice. In addition, this order editor plugin offers merchants a quick approach to editing marketplace orders and updating customer and billing records.

    Key Features

    • Easy-to-use three-way editing facility
    • Manage orders using Order Grid Manager
    • See the preview after editing the orders.
    • Manage orders directly from the grid
    • Edit without canceling the orders.

The Bottom Line

In Summary, Magento 2 Sales Promotion provides you with various benefits if you know how to approach customers. Using the right set of tools can help you engage more customers and improve your Magento 2 Sales performance. Also, don’t forget to share your ideas or any issues you need help with. Magemart.com offers installation services and customized extensions services to grow your business.
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