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How to Select the Best Progressive Web App Development Company?

All the popular brands such as L & T, Starbucks, and Twitter Lite, have chosen PWA to expand their online business. Why are you waiting for the right time? PWA is not a buzzword anymore. It has become a huge technology launched by Google in 2015. It is bridging the gap between mobile and web users.

I highly recommend reading the article to learn about “what are Progressive web apps.

Why is PWA so popular?

Compared to native apps, progressive apps save your development cost and time. It offers advanced features ‌to deliver a browsing native app experience.

One sentence to describe it – Run as a Website, Behave as a Mobile app.

They are easy to launch and run smoothly on web browsers. Developers need to write a single codebase to develop a progressive web app. In contrast to native apps, users can access web apps from any web browser or device. So, there are some reasons why it is a rapidly evolving technology.

Key Features to Consider PWA over Native Apps:

  • Your users can use PWA when there is poor or no Internet.
  • Linkable and shareable web links.
  • Discoverable and indexable on search engines.
  • Consume less storage and Internet data to load.
  • Users can access web apps without downloading from the Google Play Store.
  • Fast Speed and better performance than native apps.
  • Easy to update and customize for developers.
  • Easy to install on desktops and smartphones from browsers.
  • Add to home screen feature available.
  • Attract customers using push notifications or pop-ups.

Many software development companies offer PWA development services. However, it is a complicated process to select the right progressive web app development company in 2022. In this article, we will discuss the common ways of selecting the best PWA solution provider.

5 Ways to Select the Progressive Web App Development Company

  • Determine your Requirements

    The first step is determining your business needs and future goals to achieve. According to that, you can create an overall depiction of your project. While noting down your requirements on paper, ask these questions to yourself:

    • What are your business’s short-term goals?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Do you want to take your business on the Global Platform?
    • How much can you invest?
    • Will PWA help your conversion rate?

    Answering all the questions is important to finding the right progressive web app development partner. It will reduce the number of companies on your self-made list.

  • Check Company Experience

    Magento PWA Provider plays a key role in taking your business to new heights. So, well-developed progressive apps help you win more customers. So, you need a group of experts with vast technical knowledge. A good PWA company features:

    • Able to build fast, reliable, and engaging progressive applications.
    • Check their portfolios and project they have done previously.
    • Deliver web apps with an excellent UX and UI for desktop and mobile devices.
    • Know how to improve user engagements.
    • Check that they are well-trained developers and comply with Google’s criteria.
    • Build a fast-loading and flawless PWA using the best PWA frameworks.
    • Well-versed with all the latest programming languages and solutions to produce single and multi-page apps.
    • Optimistic enough to adopt the Agile method in the web app development process.
  • Free Pre and Post-services

    The right PWA development agency will advise you to choose the money-saving option before finalizing the project. Each company offers different development packages, which include the key services to implement Magento PWA.

    🔥So, check that their packages include pre and post-services. Even though they have created responsive and seamless PWA apps. You may require expert service for any further improvements. Therefore, it is important to know whether PWA companies offer free post-services or charge a significant fee.

  • Read previous feedback and reviews

    Have they worked on quality projects? Who are their previous customers? You have the same questions, so ask about their previous projects and clients. You can read testimonials and feedback from previous customers on their websites. If they have a decent portfolio, you may get a clear signal on whether or not to hire them.

  • Convenient Website Integration Solution

    Third-party solutions are the way to turn your responsive website into PWA. If you are a Magento store owner, you will need third-party tools to enhance user experiences. Extensions allow store owners to handle orders, shipping, billing, etc. Your Magento PWA development company should provide a wide range of extensions to update your shop to the next level.

  • The Best PWA Development Agency – Magemart

    All five ways will help you to pick the PWA app development company. Our software and web development company is a one-stop to get many web solutions. We provide custom-made services to build high-performing eCommerce PWA stores.

    Here is the list of services:

    • End-to-End PWA Development Services
    • Dedicated PWA team with strong technical knowledge.
    • Complete technical assistance to keep your project working efficiently.
    • Scale your PWA website by smoothly integrating PWA plugins.
    • Turnkey services, such as designing, consultancy, migration support, etc.
    • Free customer support for two months post-project deployment.
    • Flexible budget plans as per your financial capacity.

    Hopefully, you will select the correct partner that meets your requirements. It will not only develop a progressive web application but also organize your business operations and boost sales.

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