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Simple Ways to Increase Checkout Conversion Rates

Shopping Cart Abandonment is an incredibly frustrating problem for successful store owners, enticing customers with enough offers while still losing them during the checkout process. Drop-in conversation rates on a check-out page can lead to a big loss in any eCommerce business. The Shopping abandonment Cart Rate has increased to 70% across the eCommerce industry. But, it shouldn’t go that way.

Online Retailers can increase the conversation rate on the checkout page by 45%, just with minimal effort and tactics. Let’s discuss why Online Shoppers are abandoning the shopping cart and how you can optimize your checkout page to boost conversions.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Checkout Page Conversion Rates

  • Rid the Mandatory Sign-up
    According to the study, ‘ The Value of Social Login’ Conducted by Blue Research, almost 86% of users feel annoyed when they are bothered to do sign-ups. Today, online shoppers get wary of sharing private information with eCommerce stores. Some of them don’t like to sign-up and create an account while checking out.

    Here are the simplest ways to get rid of the Mandatory Sign up:-

    • Send them automatic sign-up with the fetched log-in details and random password while purchasing. In this way, the sign-up form does not interfere with their checkout process.
    • Ask Users to Sign up as soon as they have placed the order on the thank you page. Email them with all the details they’ve entered during purchasing and ask them to sign-up to track the order.
  • Guest Checkout Option
    30% of shoppers abandon the cart when an online shop forces them to create an account. Some visitors are not ready to make purchases but want to get an idea of the total cost of a specific product. It is important to let them check the store as guests. However, you can offer them to create an account in a few ways:-
    • Create an account on the checkout page before the confirmation with the one-click log-in method.
    • Ask them to log in through social media networks or Google email accounts during the checkout process.
    • Fill in all the details and send them a request to enter a new password.
     In the Magento Store, it’s easy to enable the guest checkout option. Let’s see how to add this feature:- Go to Stores> Settings> Configuration> Sales > checkout and open the checkout options. Set Allow Guest Check Out to Yes and save the entries.

  • Enable Autocomplete Feature
    Users struggle in filling out the fields correctly with proper spellings of city names and addresses. It can irritate the customers while correcting the typos and face delivery cancellations due to incorrect addresses. However, Online Ecommerce Store can improve this issue in two ways:
    • Autodetection Features: Users make mistakes in typing the ZIP/Postal code and State, Region, and Country fields. ZIP/Postal Code Autodetection can complete these forms automatically.
    • Google Address Autocomplete: It allows customers to access their location and get the exact address based on their IP address. Prevent submitting the incorrect address and delay in shipping the order.
    Configure and Add Google Address Autocomplete to your Store, by following steps:-  > Configuration > Magento Extensions > Google Address Autocomplete, set Google Address Suggestion to Yes, and enter Google API Key:

  • Try the Multi-page Checkout process
    Around 18% of users back out from purchasing products because of the long and complicated checkout process. A multi-step checkout process can increase the conversation rate by 30% more than Single-page Checkout. It requires just a few clicks to complete an action. The customer has less chance to skip off to another tab, which results in higher conversion rates.

    Consider some points when designing your check out page:-

    • Combine the fields and ask for the limited information to save time on each page.
    • Join the field such as first name and last name.
    • Fill out the forms automatically including city, state information, etc. from the zip code.
    • Use Google auto-fill in forms to help users checkout faster and with 100% accuracy.
    • Add auto-detect credit card type (Visa/Mastercard/AmEx) feature to know from the card’s first four digits.
  • Add Free Shipping, Free Returns, and Secure Payment Options

    Free shipping can convert traffic into conversations. A study by Dr. David Bell found that 61% of online store owners gained business after using the most successful marketing tool – Free Shipping. Customers prefer shopping with an eCommerce online store that offers free shipping.

    Similarly, Free returns assure the customers to return the products and reverse the poor purchasing decision. Some get a 90% increase in sales by putting a free return policy.

    Customers’ main concern is losing private information while filling out the checkout forms. Secure Payment Options can give them the confidence to ‌go ahead with transactions.


There are various ways to grow checkout conversion rates on the checkout page. Some require a little effort to improve your store business. Try these six tactics for checkout optimization and see growth in orders within time. Give a better shopping experience to customers by hiring Magento developers.
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