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PWA for Retailers: is it the Best Solution?

Are you a retailer? Progressive web apps are a cost-effective solution to expand your business online. In the tech world, it is a thriving technology. Brands are choosing PWAs over native apps. The retail industry could not avoid the charm of PWA.

Users can access content through multiple channels with progressive applications. Mobile is the most popular way to shop online. To deliver mobile and web experiences to users, retailers are now switching to PWA.

Here is a blog post for those familiar with PWA. But, if you know little, here is a brief explanation.

What is PWA?

PWA or progressive web app is a web application that acts like a mobile app. With new enhancements, it has become a leading web technology for developers. Many tech giants and companies have already launched their own PWA app. Some of them are Twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, and more.

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Progressive web apps are easy to browse with URLs in web browsers, regardless of OS and device. But users will experience seamless browsing and enjoy the same native app features.

Key Features of Progressive Web Apps:
  • No need to download or install from the app stores.
  • It can work with a poor network or no Internet connection.
  • PWA can access hardware features such as a Camera, Geolocation, etc.
  • It takes less time to load than traditional websites.
  • Indexable and linkable for users to find them on search engines.
  • Much cheaper to develop than a native app for separate platforms.
  • Retailers will need a single application to publish on various app stores.

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These PWA features make it a cool technology to use. If you still want to know more, check our previous articles to get exclusive knowledge.

So, Why is PWA the turning point for the Retail Industry?

In the Retail Industry, it is difficult to convert users into sales. Developing an app is a simple task to achieve. But, you may face struggles in promoting your app.

You can convince people to install your mobile application from the store. But, it is impossible to track user activities after installation. Also, only 4 out of 10 people open the app for purchasing and use it only once. It makes a terrible scenario for businesses expecting more revenue.

With the launch of the PWA app technology, this problem is solved. It has proven to be an inexpensive solution for brands to improve conversion rates. Not only can retailers attract new customers through attractive web apps, but it also makes shopping effortless for shoppers.

  • Gain More Traffic

    Search engines play a crucial role in getting more organic traffic. Progressive websites are SEO-friendly and easy to crawl.

    One of the biggest advantages of PWA is that it is lightning fast and more responsive than native apps.

    Being so fast, they can rank higher than responsive websites. In addition, progressive apps are indexable by search engines. This advantage can help merchants to generate more traffic.

  • Better User Experience

    User experience depends on the quality of the application. A better response from customers can increase your business sales exponentially. PWA can help you achieve your business goals and expectations.

    PWA works at its finest even when the user’s connection is not there. It takes little to no space and consumes less data than mobile apps. A smooth browsing experience can attract both old and new customers to browse. It will lead to high user engagement, increased conversion rates, and overall site performance.

  • Improve Brand Presence

    Native apps are an ideal way to reach your target audience, but it is tough to beat the high competition from big brands. You don’t need to convince your customers to install apps.

    Users can add PWA to their home screens. It improves the visibility of your business and creates brand awareness among shoppers. Statistics show that users spend 25% more time on PWA than on the mobile app.

  • Remarketing

    Progressive applications are packed with exclusive app features, including push notifications, geolocation, multi-touch, etc. Thus, it can re-engage customers by sending push messages.

    Push notifications are used to notify customers about discounts and rewards. It makes them visit your web app more than once. A user-generated lead can boost revenue for a business. Also, customers can access any information with just one click.

  • Affordable Solution

    PWA shares the same features with native apps. They are high-quality yet affordable for retailers. Native apps require a big budget to develop and need separate versions to publish on the Android and Windows stores.

    On the other hand, retail needs a single PWA web app to run on different devices. So, it requires less time and money to develop. Small and medium enterprises can invest in gaining new customers through web browsers.

Most Popular Retail PWA Example – Debenhams

Debenhams is a popular international brand with over 240 stores in 25+ countries. Their major concern is to generate mobile traffic and improve conversion rates. So, they switched to a progressive application. After the launch of Debenhams PWA, they found that 57% of traffic comes from mobile traffic.

Soon, they created a progressive application that delivers a better user experience and the most efficient app performance. These core metrics showed that it was a wise decision.

  • 40% increase in mobile revenue.
  • 20% increase in conversion rates.
  • 2 x increase in user journey time (from browsing to purchase)

Concluding Thoughts

It is time for retailers to take one step ahead. Progressive web apps can help retailers succeed. PWA is a convenient solution to improve the design of your storefront to fulfill customer demands. Hence, Magento store owners can use PWA tools to improve their store and make it the best it can be.

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