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Tips to Update PWA for Owners and Users

Although, PWA technology was launched by Google some years ago. It is still a new trend for many companies and developers. Brands and tech giants such as Starbucks, Uber, Twitter, BookmyShow, Trivago, etc have moved to PWA to lead in the potential direction.

🔥 PWA apps are less complicated and effortless to develop. It combines all the great features of both the mobile and web-worlds. Small businesses and startups can get a web app for their business on a low budget. Still, users and merchants can enjoy a list of features, including push notifications, offline functionality, SEO friendliness, and more.

, Unlike native apps, progressive web apps can be accessed via web browsers. There is no need to go to the app store to download it. In the case of native apps, you have to go to the app stores to update the applications.

But, how do make updates to a progressive web app?

Before learning ways to update PWA, let’s understand why it is essential to update a web app.

Top 4 Reasons to Update the PWA app

  • Add New Features

    A progressive web app will need new features and extensions to stay ahead in the market. Customers also feel bored with the same features for a long time. It is also possible that you may fall behind.

    It is important to update your progressive web application to a new version. Customers will get to enjoy attractive features. Also, it can help businesses to attract new customers.

  • Fix Bugs

    PWA can’t avoid bugs. After launching, progressive web apps may also be affected by some bugs which were hard to detect in the testing phase. Businesses need to fix the bugs and update the PWAs regularly. Otherwise, it may impact the customer experience.

  • New Interface

    Updating PWA UX/UI is also beneficial for bringing new traffic. A change in the user interface may also bring freshness to users. You can upgrade the user interface of PWA during the festive season to impress more customers. You can add banners and widgets to show new promotions on the interface for events.

  • Changes for Magento

    A progressive web app runs well on the Magento store. However, Magento releases a new version every new year. If you have a Magento store, it needs to be updated into a new version. Also, keeping the old version of a PWA without updating can cause incompatible issues with updated Magento stores.

How to Update Progressive Web Apps?

If you are a User:

You may know that the native app has to be updated manually. As a user, you need to go to Google Play or App Store to update its latest version. Depending on your network and app size, it may take some time to download. It is annoying to wait for the update when you need the app immediately.

PWA takes lesser time to update than native apps. A notification will appear in the corner of your screen when your progressive app needs to be updated. It will show that a new version is available and ask your permission to update your web app. Being a user, you have to click OK. The update will start instantly.

If you are an owner:

Native apps are developed separately for different platforms. So, developers need to write different codebases for developing separate versions. To update the app, you need to write multiple codebases to submit to all the app stores ( Google Play, android app stores). It takes more than a week to update the native app. The long process can be bothersome for owners.

On the other hand, PWA is easy to update. Owners don’t have to write many codebases, unlike regular apps. Here, a single codebase is enough to update your progressive web apps. It reduces the workload and efforts of the developers. Thus, it also reduces the cost and time of updating progressive web apps.

Developers have to deploy the latest code. Once the updated version is launched, PWA users will get a popup message to update. The process of updating PWA is faster than a native mobile app.

Bottom Line

Updating your PWA is a necessary task. It is crucial to deliver a better user experience to the customers. Users and owners can update the app effortlessly without much technical knowledge. Also, web apps update faster than an app. Popular brands have adopted this technology to improve brand awareness at a low cost. I think all this information is sufficient. If you are an owner, hire the best PWA development agency.

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