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A Simple Guide of PWA Push Notifications

Why is PWA the best tool to re-engage your audience? The answer is Push Notifications.

Progressive web apps are taking the mobile web app market by storm. That time is not far when PWA apps will rule over native apps. The power of progressive web apps multiplies when it is combined with the push notification feature. PWA technology with push notifications is the ultimate solution for online businesses.

Today, we will explore how PWA uses push notifications to engage customers. Also, learn about push notifications and their tremendous capabilities.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages sent from a server to the users. It is an instant way to communicate and engage web app visitors. Progressive web apps send push notifications to reach customers when they are or have been active. It can help to convert the engagements into sales and improve the business revenue.

How do Push Notifications work?

Push Notifications offer a simple way to alert a user about upcoming events. It will display an icon and a few lines of text to convince users to click on it. Once they have clicked on the icon, they will go to the specific product page. You can also add buttons to the notifications, so any visitor can engage with your web app without going back.

Push notifications using two APIs:

  • Notification API: It allows you to display system notifications when the users are inactive. It can even show up if the phone is locked. API uses service workers to send messages at the time of offline.
  • Push API: A service worker will constantly send push notifications from the app server. When service workers receive a push message, it will push notifications to the user. Whether or not the app is currently running, users will get notified. However, a push notification can function when the app has background access to the device and uses a browser that supports Push API.

Thankfully, most browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge support push notifications.

Before your progressive web app sends push notifications, the users need to grant their permission to the app. They subscribe to the server managed by the site when they agree to get push notifications. With new offers and discounts, your web app can re-attract them after gaining permission. Messages, schedules, and triggers are easy to manage, even if you do not have any technical knowledge.

Common Examples of Push Notifications

Push notifications will help you to re-engage your loyal customers and reach out to new subscribers. Online eCommerce stores and news apps are taking advantage of this PWA feature. Web apps from different sectors can use their ability to engage customers repeatedly.

Here is the list of popular PWA apps using push notifications and their popular message:

  • CNN, New York Times – BREAKING NEWS: This news is breaking.
  • eBay, Amazon.com – Get this product for @299.
  • Netflix, YouTube, Apple Podcasts: new episode available now.
  • Lyft, Uber, GrabTaxi – Your ride is here.

Difference Between Push Notifications and Text Messages

  • Receipt

    SMS: Recipients will receive a text message to their specific number. There must be a fixed phrase to text a customer. When they have subscribed to marketing campaigns and promotions, they will receive an SMS text.

    Push Notification: It is a simple process to send messages. Customers only need to download an application and click a button to allow the web app to send notifications.

  • Delivery

    SMS: Customers can check text messages delivered to their inboxes. They don’t have to download any application and allow access to these messages.

    Push notifications: It will be delivered to the user’s device whether or not they are using an app. However, sometimes, they might miss or ignore the push notifications.

  • Visibility

    SMS: Users can see the text message on the lock screen in the inbox. As per data, recipients frequently open messages after a few minutes of receipt.

    Push Notification: Push notifications can be missed or ignored because of their volume. Once you have viewed or missed the message, you cannot go back to check it.

  • Content

    Push Notifications: A text comprises only one or two sentences.

    SMS text message: It has a maximum length of 160 characters. The text message can include hyperlinks, contact information, and more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Push Notifications

  • Allow sending the notifications instantly.
  • Able to reach millions of target audiences.
  • Calculate the engagements and how many users clicked on them.
  • Re-engage the past users even if they are not using the app anymore.
  • Use sparingly to prevent users from opting out of Push notifications.
  • Users may get annoyed with continuous notifications from the web app.
  • Providers like Apple regulate the service heavily.

The Final Thoughts

Push notifications can help you generate more traffic on your site. It will re-engage the customers who have stopped using your application. Progressive web apps with push notification features can increase brand awareness and engagement. Want to implement push notifications to your PWA? Hire our PWA developers

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