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Why Should PWA Choose to Go Headless?

PWAs took the market by storm when it was launched. It is still a trending web technology in the market. Progressive web apps are growing more day by day. It has risen to the next level, introduced as Headless PWA.

Whether the owner of an eCommerce store or has a web app, you must know the challenges faced with the mobile web. Progressive web apps also suffer from slow speed, performance, and security.

🔥If you want to enhance user experience and responsiveness of your web app, there is one option – Headless PWA. It is a new approach but spreads like a fire in the jungle. It can help to optimize your web application.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Headless PWA. You will also learn the difference between progressive web apps and Headless websites.

What is PWA?

Progressive web apps ( PWA) let you experience the world of mobile and web. It is built with standard technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers are also comfortable in developing web apps with basic web technologies. That makes it the most popular web technology among merchants and developer communities.

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PWA has the same feel as a native app. So, the app users can enjoy faster processing and a smooth browsing experience at low internet speed. This eCommerce platform is packed with the latest mobile app features. Users can access progressive web apps from any web browser, regardless of device.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

Do you also wonder what is so special about PWA? In the previous paragraph, it was clear what makes the progressive app a sure hit. Here is the list of PWA features that have created a craze:

  • Loads instantly, even in uncertain conditions.
  • Support offline access to web apps.
  • Accessible from any device regardless of OS.
  • Highly engaged content improves customer engagement.
  • Use push notifications to re-engage old customers.
  • Provide a better user experience with a responsive and stunning frontend.
  • No need to install or download from the Google Play or Microsoft app store.
  • Easy to update and change.

What is Headless PWA?

Headless refers to headless commerce that follows the decoupling approach, where the front work separately from the backend. It is the advanced PWA technology perfect for creating eCommerce stores.

🔥So, when headless technology combines with a progressive application, it is known as Headless PWA. But how does the data exchange between the front and back end? The data fetching or exchange happens through RESTful API ( Application Programming Interface). It pulls data from the backend to the front end.

Hence, with the headless technology in PWA, the app owner can use the data to create different UX on the same backend. Also, developers can update either the front or back end without affecting the other.

How can adding headless help PWA?

PWA is the perfect solution to upgrade your business store and stay ahead of the competition. With the addition of headless functionality, its value, and benefits increase. But, the real question is how it enhances the development experience:

  • Standardization: It allows web apps to achieve standards. Trending technologies will make web app development faster.
  • Headless Architecture: It can help create a responsive and optimized front to attract new customers.
  • Modern Technology: It uses ReactJS, which increases the speed of the development process. This modern framework makes the stores faster in less time.
  • Headless Approach: Decoupling allows the backend to be modified independently of the front.

Difference between PWA vs Headless PWA?

PWA without Headless
  • PWA’s theme will be inherited from the website itself.
  • Need to build a responsive theme for the PWA website.
  • Can’t recode the layout/ UI/ design of the PWA independently.
  • Admin allows you to change the theme background color.
  • It doesn’t have the PWA-specific carousel.
PWA with Headless
  • Headless PWA themes need to be created separately using the ReactJS framework.
  • You can use it, no matter the theme of your website.
  • Developers can recode for changing a theme.
  • Admin can change the background, theme, text, button color, and so on.
  • Admin can add and manage carousel images.


Headless PWA can bring you more opportunities. Also, there is not much difference in features between PWA and Headless PWA. Using a decoupling approach, developers can make changes in less time and money. So, it can be the best choice to expand your business and achieve new goals.

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