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Why use Ionic Framework for Developing PWA?

Creating progressive web applications is easy with Ionic Framework. If you are here to understand why you should use the Ionic Framework for PWAs. This guide is prepared to explain the Ionic Framework and the benefits of using the Ionic platform for progressive apps.

Gain a deep understanding about PWA apps before diving straight.

Understanding Progressive Apps

Progressive web applications are saviors for the web development market and a solution to reach a wider audience. They are the best web apps made of standard technologies, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

🔥 This technology is used to reach mobile users through web browsers. Unlike mobile apps, PWAs are websites with extensive features, such as push notifications, offline functionality, low data usage, etc. Also, users will get the same seamless app-like browsing experience on the web browser.

The cross-browser compatibility makes it more popular among developers and merchants. Because of their great capabilities, they are coined as future apps, bridging this gap between the mobile and web worlds.

In case you want to know more about the concept of PWA, head on to our article–What are PWA and why brands are using it. Now that you have learned about PWA web technology. Let us get in-depth information about the Ionic Framework.

What is the Ionic Framework?

Ionic developers created this framework in 2015 to build almost native-like applications which worked smoothly on different platforms. They are also called hybrid apps. It is an open-source SDK for mobile web development.

🔥 But what makes it so popular among mobile app developers?

It offers a wide range of features such as a Health kit, Fingerprint, Bluetooth, typescript extensions, etc.

Key Features of Ionic PWA Framework:

The SDK provides all the functionality commonly found in native mobile development SDKs.

  • Easy to customize for any operating system and device, such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • A powerful Command-Line Interface helps build and test Ionic applications on any platform.
  • Added elements and ways for interaction using Angular.
  • Build the smoothest scrolling system, which allows you to scroll huge lists with no performance hits.
  • Create robust and advanced applications using a load of UI developments.

Now you get an idea of the ionic framework and its features. Let us learn what makes the Ionic tool the best choice for PWA development.

Reasons to Choose Ionic Framework to Develop Progressive Web Apps

  • Deliver Best UI: Ionic framework creates web apps using a combination of programming languages such as CSS, HTML 5, and JavaScript. These three languages help developers to build the best User Interface to engage their target audience. If you want an appealing and responsive UX, go for Ionic.
  • Easy to Move Platforms: All platforms and operating systems require separate native applications. With the ionic platform, you can build a single application to deploy on any OS or platform.
  • Build Highly Interactive: Angular helps the Ionic framework to develop highly interactive mobile web apps. Angular.js uses HTML’s sentence structure to incorporate advanced features to create user-friendly web apps.
  • Access to Hardware Features: The ionic framework is well-equipped with Cordova plugins that help progressive web apps access hardware features, such as camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

    A quick description “Cordova is a set of command-line tools for building native applications. HTML5 framework such as Ionic needs a native partner like Cordova to add native features to a PWA.”

  • Easy Deploy with CLI: The Ionic SDK platform has a powerful CLI (Command-Line Interface) for creating, testing, and deploying web applications. CLI also helps ionic app builders with native functionalities, including debugging tools and a built-in development server.

It also makes the installation apps faster than native applications. Also, it reduces the use of thousands of codes and big files for developers. Also, it improves the speed and performance of website applications.

Stats of Popular Brands with Ionic PWA to Consider

The Ionic Framework is the best tool for the progressive web development. Then, look at some stats to confirm why Ionic is the right framework for Progressive mobile web applications.

  • Tinder
    • Load times were reduced from 11 seconds to 4 seconds.
    • 90% smaller in size than the Android mobile app.
    • Increase in user engagements and download counts.
    • Works faster on a 2G network.
  • Uber
    • Takes less than 3 seconds to load
    • Run smoothly on a 2G network.
    • The size is only 50K gzipped.
  • Pinterest
    • 60% increase in core engagements
    • 44% increase in user-generated ad revenue.
    • 40% increase in the average time spent.
  • Book My Show
    • PWA takes less than 3 seconds
    • 80% increase in conversion rates.
    • 54 is smaller in size than an Android app.
    • 180 times smaller than an iOS native app.

Now, you have seen all the popular brands use the Ionic Framework to switch to their PWA mobile apps. Brands like Starbucks, Lyft, Twitter, and Forbes have also witnessed increment in user engagements and conversion rates with PWA websites.

Summing Up!

Ionic Framework helps web applications to perform better on poor network connections. Therefore, many big brands and tech giants used the Ionic Framework to get favorable results. It is not only big companies that can grow their businesses with ionic PWA apps but also SMEs and startups. You can publish apps on the play store or app store with no glitches.

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